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Hotelogix's Vision for 2014 and Beyond…

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Hotelogix – The Vision for 2014 and Beyond_smallAs we herald in the New Year, we look around and see what we have achieved so far and what we plan to do in the coming years.

In 2013, we successfully enabled automation of inventory distribution for both small and large hotels from 65+ countries.  We gained rich experience of automating end to end business flows and operations – from small properties with 4 rooms  to large properties (to the tune of 250 rooms).  Hotelogix’s cloud based PMS and distribution system gave small and mid-sized hotels an extra edge by enabling them with complete unified solutions for various levels of distribution. So whether it was a 4 room B & B, or a youth hostel, or a 300+ room business hotel, Hotelogix ensured that all these properties were present and visible in the global marketplace and that too in real time. We take pride in having helped properties like Kertanegara in Indonesia exceed their client acquisition and revenue projection numbers –  immediately within the first three months of using Hotelogix’ solution.

In 2013, Hotelogix products became more and more robust with every release – we evolved as one of the frontrunner cloud based PMS vendor in the world. Hotelogix also managed to switch lot of hotels from legacy systems to cloud based property management system. In this course, we replaced products like Opera, Capcorn, Guest Tracker, TuristSoft, JCL Hotel, Room master , Medalion , Micros Fidelio, Zeus, etc.. Replacing Opera at client locations was indeed a distinction – this helped our clients with a better integrated solution to the online market place, and saved $ 50,000 recurring year on year – in terms of IT infrastructure, IT teams, hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, etc. In 2014, the mission is to empower many more hotels across the world switch over to cloud, and bring their operations and room distribution at par with the larger hotels through niche new age technology.

In 2013, we forged some great partnerships. We associated with esteemed channel manager companies like Site Minder and Vertical Booking  – who are bringing lot of value to their customers, and can help our customers alike.  We now have channel partners in more than 20 countries in the world – our partners are so confident of the product that they are conducting seminars to hospitality students and hoteliers, on the benefits of cloud based solutions for the hospitality industry especially with reference to Hotelogix.

In 2014, Hotelogix has an aggressive roadmap – we intend to steadily increase our market penetration both in terms of increased customers and partners. We look forward to become a frontrunner not only in hospitality enablement, but also with respect to hospitality related education. We also plan to focus on operational requirements for multi property and large hotels.