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Hotelogix PMS and Vertical Booking – A Powerful Combo!


Hotelogix’s integration with Vertical Booking is beneficial for hotelsRunning a hotel isn’t easy as you might come across various challenges and it is tough to manage all the operations without a property management system. A property management system helps you in streamlining your day-to-day tasks. Along with a PMS, you also require a channel manager which can manage distribution channels easily based on a single inventory per room type that feeds all channels simultaneously. So, what happens when these two powerful combinations merge? Find out.

A combination of Vertical Booking and Hotelogix is the perfect match for hotels to automate hotel operations as well as increase online bookings. You can increase revenue without having any worries about double bookings, over-bookings or cancellations and keep control of your reservations. Both Hotelogix and Vertical booking provide all these features to you at an extremely competitive price.

Hotelogix’s simplified channel management interface allows greater share of reservations from the global hotel marketplace. Vertical Booking allows your hotel to access almost every booking platform available as it doesn’t have geographical and technological limitations. Thus, your room nights can be distributed across local, regional and international booking channels. With a channel manager, you don’t need to worry about the operations /maintenance overheads associated with different booking channels or the number of booking channels you can use.

This combination is beneficial to small and mid-sized hoteliers as you don’t have to integrate with an expensive third party channel management solution. Keeping these aspects in mind, Hotelogix offers an integration with Vertical Booking to synchronize your bookings with sites such as,,, and many more.

 We elaborate on the following advantages of Hotelogix’s well-designed, user-friendly property management system with integrated Channel Manager:

Avoids overbooking, double booking and updates cancellation: Hotelogix syncs room inventory from all channels in real time and from a single dashboard. Your room rates, availability and cancellations are not only updated across all your booking channels, but also on your hotel’s Frontdesk. With all bookings synced up, there are no chances of double bookings. Since hoteliers don’t have to manually consolidate the bookings that are received on the channel manager, there is no scope for any manual errors which could lead to dissatisfaction to both the consumer and hotels

Distribution is aligned with real time rate management: Any changes made in rate packages, tariffs of the day, special packages etc. shall be updated in real time across all networks where the hotel’s room inventory is available due to the integration of the distribution system with the channel manager. Hotelogix also ensures that rate distribution is centralized not just to the channel manager but also across other mediums of sales like the hotel’s website, social media, GDS and so on.

Better rate parity and centralized control of all market places: Hotels mainly run on repute and they cannot risk having different rates across different platforms as it will be a dent on their creditability. So, an integration of Hotelogix and Vertical Booking will assure that rate parity issues are taken care of.

Currency conversion issues solved: Base currency automatically gets converted to the currency in which sales take place.

 Hotelogix allows you to close and reopen the rooms on all the portals after a set time if the customer has not confirmed the reservation. You can also change the minimum stay, check in registration upon arrival, make quick changes for long periods, filter prices for weekends and manage the prices automatically for various types of tariffs. The channel manager is fully integrated with the Hotelogix PMS where every reservation on your site will be immediately recorded, and the availability will be decremented on the partner sites.

Small and mid-sized hotels can avail of great benefits as Hotelogix allows you to save time that you can use for other marketing operations and guest relations. The system also has the advantage of optimizing the parity rate avoiding possible fines from the sites verifying their correct application. Hotelogix offers a monthly subscription with no commitment, so you only pay for what you use. To check the pricing plan of Vertical Booking, click here.

A combination of Vertical Booking and Hotelogix brings in the integration of a channel manager with a PMS and automates end to end distribution with operations as well. Small and mid-sized hotels can truly benefit if they use Hotelogix as their PMS along with Vertical Booking as their channel manager because Hotelogix’s cloud based PMS has created a distribution platform that shall maximize a hotel’s investment into the channel manager.