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Hotelogix Platform Helps a Non Franchise Budget Property Increase its Revenues

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
It is not only bigger establishments or hotel chains who choose web based hotel management systems for their speedy implementation; small independent budget hotels also have to come up to speed at the time of switching systems.


One such Hotelogix client is a small 50 room hotel. They were earlier planning to sign up with two different brands when they purchased this property last year, but later on decided to go solo. This meant doing away with the franchise system of the previous owner as soon as possible. However, at the same time they were not prepared to take on the burden of investing in, installing and maintaining an onsite property management system.


In the words of hotel’s owner, “The upfront cost involved was one of the major deterrents. We weighed three to four different web based property management systems and picked Hotelogix since it suited us the most and was referred to us by one of their highly satisfied clients. We were fully operational in a matter of less than a week.”


Hotelogix stuck to its commitment and the transition was smooth and quick. Additionally, the hotel could now get GDS connectivity and a comprehensive web site with internet booking. Now it receives most of its bookings through internet. The hotel started generating additional revenue in less than a couple of month’s time without having to spend extra time and resource to get this business. The hotel owner further adds, “Hotelogix’s reliability has been just outstanding! They have a comprehensive training and support system so it becomes very easy for us to bring new recruits up to speed.”