Hotelogix is a comprehensive property management system meant for effective management of small and mid-size hotels. With its help, Hotel executives can comfortably carry out daily tasks such as bookings, accounts, reservations, restaurants, housekeeping etc. with ease. All that is required to have it up and running is a simple computer with a basic Internet connection. Further, it’s a multiple property system, which means that you can work on it in different time zones with different currencies, all managed and controlled centrally. It is seamlessly linked for distribution and marketing through different channels for a better ROI, thereby directly increasing your bottom line profits.


Hotelogix brings to table a comprehensive list of features that can accommodate a wide range of operational needs of a property. So, regardless of the type and scale of hospitality business you run, be it a stand-alone resort, a hotel chain or a roadside inn, Hotelogix is capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Following are some of the key features of Hotelogix:
Seamless Integration – Hotelogix is capable of seamlessly integrating various operations such as housekeeping, multi-location marketing offices, reservations, Spa, front desk, travel agents and POS terminals on a single, unified platform.
Distribution channels support – This upcoming feature in Hotelogix will support all prominent channels and sales distribution networks for your hotel inventory (IDS, GDS, and travel agents, website sales, corporate bookings etc.). It will decrease your running costs significantly and will allow you to disengage the resources, right now involved with management of multiple inventories. This feature will also help in minimization of errors that often lead to unmonitored over-bookings, further resulting in reduction of losses due to chargebacks.