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Want to witness instant ROI for your hotel group? Try Hotelogix Cloud-based Multi-property Solution

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Here is how Hotelogix Cloud Hotel PMS drives instant ROI for your hotel chain

As a decision-maker for your hotel group, you are accountable to measure how quickly you get to see an impressive return on investment in a Hotel PMS as it impacts your profitability. When making such decisions vital to your survival and success in this highly competitive market, gambling should not be an option. Instead, it would be best if you went for a proven and widely trusted cloud-based multi-property solution from Hotelogix that has already made the lives of hoteliers like you a lot easier.

Why Hotelogix hotel software?

Yes, you may ask this question, and we will indeed explain this in detail. Read through to understand how your investment in Hotelogix Hotel PMS can help you see instant ROI. Ready to experience the power of Hotelogix? Here you go.

Reduced costs and errors

You start seeing the value the moment you buy our enterprise-grade hotel management software. Precisely speaking, it’s a win-win situation for you from the cost point of view in every aspect –

  • Less CAPEX with no additional investment on additional and expensive IT infrastructure
  • No need to have a dedicated IT team
  • Easy-to-use application, save on staff training cost
  • Go asset-light with a lower cost of software ownership

Data safety and reliability

Our Hotel PMS Software is built on a highly secured and stable cloud platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thus, it becomes our responsibility to protect your business data. You don’t have to spend a dime on this. With a guaranteed application uptime at 99%, your hotel business is up and running all the time. Besides, we are PA DSS compliant, which means your guests’ card details are absolutely safe. We will take care of everything, and you focus on what you do the best – smart hoteliering.

Unmatched mobility and flexibility

Whether you are at your property or on vacation, you have this unique advantage of accessing your Hotel PMS all the time – via a web browser or our Mobile Hotel PMS App. Check hotel position across properties, know KPIs, and manage your hotel group’s operations from your smartphone.

Centralized control and operations

Monitor multiple properties from a single dashboard. Our hotel management software empowers your Central Reservation Office (CRO) to manage reservations – both online and offline across all your hotels with a single sign-on. Centrally manage travel agent and corporate profiles for all your member properties. Distribute rates across all your online/offline sales channels to increase occupancy and RevPAR. Gain centralized access to guest profiles from across properties to understand their preferences to serve them better.

Dynamic pricing

Quickly implement accurate pricing strategies to sell more rooms at the highest possible rates. The hotel PMS helps you change room rates daily or hourly. You can efficiently strike a balance between underpricing and overpricing by adjusting room rates in response to demand and supply. This is all about optimizing profitability.

Real-time distribution

Sell more rooms via OTAs while ensuring up-to-the-minute clarity on rates and room availability. Plus, generate more direct bookings from your website and social media platforms while promoting special packages and add-ons. Whatever you want to do to sell more and increase occupancy, Hotelogix hotel software will help you with everything.

Unlimited POS outlets

Hotelogix hotel management software allows you to set up unlimited Point of Sale (POS) outlets at your property. Thus, you get to efficiently manage your restaurants, minibars, spas, gyms, gift shops, and travel desks to earn more non-room revenues.

Seamless third-party integration

This is yet another critical feature that you can’t ignore. In addition, our application is integrated with other operationally essential cloud-based solutions, including channel manager, revenue management solution, online reputation management solution, business intelligence solution, etc. All these integrations help your hotel group to sell more, optimize room rates, increase your brand’s online reputation, and keep track of critical KPIs to make informed decisions.

Industry recognitions

Due to our pioneering work in this hospitality technology field, Gartner has named our cloud-based hotel property management system as ‘FrontRunner,’ making us one of the top 4 hotel management systems globally. Not only this, but we also have earned “Great User Experience,” “Budget Friendly,” and “Best Support” badges from SoftwareSuggest.

We have a proven track record of helping hoteliers like you automate end-to-end operations, sell more rooms, increase occupancy, enhance revenues, and serve guests better. We have enabled several popular large international hotel groups across the globe to achieve more than a 15% increase in revenue in a short time.

Take a look at how our customers have seen enormous value with us –

Want to witness instant ROI for your hotel chain? Try Hotelogix Cloud Hotel PMS, Book-a-Demo, now!