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Hotelogix helps shredding that extra cost

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Small and mid-sized hotels are flourishing globally and they look forward to provide a ‘wow’ experience to their customers.  Providing a ‘wow’ means investing in good infrastructure, perfect technology and providing value added services. But when they think about investing, the first thing that strikes them is the cost. Will it take everything away from their pockets or will it be in their budget and equally provide quality services. Also, another crucial question that arises at this point is how simple will the software be to manage the operations?

Hotel solutions have outgrown that phase when check ins and check outs, were maintained in a file. Apart from check ins and check outs there are a lot of ad on services involved in today’s hotel operations. With gradual shift in market dynamics and with the constant growth seen in this segment, these businesses have the dire need to rise up to the competition and equip themselves with a solution that will support their business goals.

The requirement of the market is to opt for a pioneering solution that makes the most of the revenue and diminishes the extra cost. Hotelogix, a cloud based PMS is a solution that is focused on staging easy to use software for meeting all types of requirements and demands with one single solution at an affordable price. It provides you with complete web solution and you can use the extensive features and services that help increase your customization. The result being minimal IT expertise, with an intuitive interface, the hotel property management system is very simple to use even for first-time users.

Real time online bookings through the Web Booking Engine to receive bookings from the hotel’s website, also the global distribution system and a broad range of popular channel managers like Expedia and Travelocity help to extend the hotel’s market reach globally. Adding en number of POS like spa, gift shops, restaurants etc help the hotelier earn revenue without any extra effort of managing the system; all and much more is available at the finger tips, shredding that extra cost.

Hotelogix integrates all the operations of a hotel on a very easy to use cloud platform. Packed with good features and year round, expert live support, Hotelogix harnesses the power of cloud to meet the operational challenges for the small and mid-segmented hotel industries, simultaneously helping in earning revenues.