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Hotelogix Freemium – Use it for free and see the value


Hotelogix has taken a bold step forward with the launch of its Freemium Pricing Model of the property management system. This ‘Free Forever’ plan is one-of-its-kind in the Cloud PMS industry. For the small hotelier, this free forever model is a boon as it gives them the technology to be on a level playing field with the bigger brands. One of the biggest constraints faced by small hoteliers is budget which keeps them averse to adopting the latest technology. But the Freemium plan eliminates this pain point and offers them a free solution.

With Hotelogix Freemium, customers can enjoy for the very first time the complete Property Management System for a single user at absolutely no cost.

Freemium will help you run your hotel operations live on the software for as long as you want to. With Freemium, all the operational services are free, while hoteliers can choose to upgrade to revenue generating services like Payment Gateways, GDS and Channel Management Integration at a nominal subscription cost, at any time.

All-in-one solution, for $0

The Freemium Plan offers all these services for free forever with one user – Front Desk, Housekeeping, Reports and Unlimited Points of Sale. Additionally the setup for the system also comes absolutely free coupled with Free Training and 24×7 personalized live support. This provides hotels the right tools to reach the operational efficiency of bigger brands.

Freemium also provides integration with the Website Booking Engine for free. Because, even a small hotel website needs to have a professional and easy-to-use web booking engine to allow for direct online bookings. With most of the travelers depending on the internet to look for accommodation, it is important to make sure the smaller hotels do not lose out on any potential guest. The integrated booking engine allows for free and seamless integration with your hotel’s website.

Designed for the small hotelier

With the current market trends, more and more hoteliers in the SME segment are adopting cloud based solutions for their technology requirements. Guest expectations in terms of guest service, online experience, quick and efficient check-in/check-out remain the same for small as well as big hotels. For small and mid-sized hoteliers, automation becomes critical when they are competing equally with big brands in the market, not only for business but also for guest experience. Which is why, using technology for smooth and seamless operations becomes a necessity for the small hotelier.

The Freemium Plan is designed especially for this small and mid-sized hotelier – to maximize their business potential, by removing the barrier to adopt a cloud-based PMS solution.

Many independent hoteliers are still using legacy systems or planning to upgrade their existing PMS to manage operations. At Hotelogix, we come across many such hotel owners who own boutique properties of 50 rooms or less, or hotel owners who are in operation for only a few months in a year for whom the Freemium Plan is ideal. Many hoteliers liked the plan as they felt it provided an opportunity to ease decision making by utilizing the product and reaping the benefits, with no obligations.

“For my 30-room heritage hotel in Florida, I required a simple system to manage reservations at the Front Desk and on my website. When I heard about Hotelogix’s Free Forever PMS plan, I immediately took advantage of it as it included everything I needed to run my operations including the web booking engine.”

sunil-taneja– Sunil Taneja, Owner, 1876 Heritage Inn, USA

With travelers becoming tech savvy and with everything going online, it is the right time for hotels to adapt the latest technology. Freemium is the first step for independent hoteliers to experience cloud technology at no cost.

 Hotelogix Freemium – Use it for free as long as you want to.