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Hotelogix Cloud PMS beats all the others hands down

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

Dipika Ping on Choosing the Right Cloud PMSI am the owner of Fountain Inn, a lodging in Van Wert, Ohio and I want to share my experience of finding a property management system for my hotel. I wish to take this as an opportunity to thank Hotelogix.

Here’s my journey of evaluating PMSs and my reason for selecting Hotelogix:

Being a perfectionist, I wanted to make sure that I thoroughly investigate a minimum of 10 PMS providers before making the final decision. Hotelogix was the first company I approached and I was surprised to see that they responded to my very first message within 3 minutes. When I received a phone call from them, I was a bit skeptical and I told them that I just began my research and would need handholding to understand the various terms used in the industry. I was skeptical because the sales executive wasn’t too pushy and he didn’t want to rush me in to taking up the product, unlike others do. I kept wondering to myself “Why isn’t this guy pushing me to sign up for the account?”

What I found during my search was that Hotelogix PMS beats all the others hands down. I contacted other PMS providers. Many companies never returned my phone calls and I even gave them a second chance to leave another message. Others would give me a presentation and coax me to sign up for the product. These companies had a very complex fee structure which ranged from 50$ – 150$ per hour. They would give me only 2 hours training on the system and then they would charge extra for more sessions of training.

With all this, I decided to try the one month risk free service to see if Hotelogix held up their promise. What I found and learned from Hotelogix were secrets of this trade. I am indebted to Hotelogix and my personal 5 member team who helped me deal with my problems throughout the day and night, without any complaints. They literally spent days training me on the product and when I didn’t understand few features, all I had to do was call Hotelogix and I could see they were on my PMS making the necessary changes. They have never told me that I should have known how to do this or that with the extensive training I received. They are my true well-wishers and my true partners in rebuilding Fountain Inn. As one of my guests says, “Fountain Inn is a well keep secret of Van Wert”.  Now with the help of Hotelogix, my guests are able to find Fountain Inn and that is why we have been rated as the number 1 hotel in Van Wert by TripAdvisor. All the credit goes to my team at Hotelogix.  

I had researched a lot and I found the best of the best. Hotelogix offers the best PMS system and you can have your own team who will guide you. When I speak to my wonderful team member, Robin, he has already checked my reservations in the morning before I have.

Hotelogix is on top of the game. I will continue my business relationship with Hotelogix for years to come. Give them a chance and one day you will also have so many wonderful things to say with limited space to say it in. Choose the Best, Choose Hotelogix, I did!

Big thanks to all my team members at Hotelogix!

Dee Ping!

Thank you for the kind words, Dipika! We are in the business of making hoteliers’ lives easier and such endorsements only motivate us to continue passionately. – Team Hotelogix.