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Hotelogix Can Boost Operational Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction Levels of a Multiple-Property Chain

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Customer service plays a highly critical role in the failure or success of any hospitality business. However, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction becomes a big challenge if the customer service agents are most of the time occupied in either organizing reservations or trying to obtain access to the latest updated data across different properties. This is a critical problem which Hotelogix addresses seamlessly with its’ anytime anywhere information access.


Inhouse developed systems have their own limitations and fail to accommodate the changing needs of the industry. Since there can be significant lapses in flow of information across main office and individual properties, reservation information can often get doubled up, leading to confusion among staff and misunderstandings with guests. Furthermore, scheduling housekeeping and other staff can get extremely difficult as departure and arrival times remain unknown.


Further, in case of inhouse developed systems, the executives are often found left with no option but to minimize their interactions with guests as they have to communicate with multiple properties to avoid any reservation overlaps.


Hotelogix can come as a sigh of relief in this scenario as it can provide a fully equipped, web based hotel management system, capable of catering to the needs of both small and mid size independent properties as well as multi-property chains. Since Hotelogix can be accessed from anywhere via internet, the client is not required to install any hardware or software on site. Furthermore, the reasonable payment structure of Hotelogix makes it a very good business sense for any property chain.


Since Hotelogix is a web based system, even if the main office of a multiple property chain is not open, different properties of the chain can still manage reservations with ease. The property managers can view current room reservations, inventory status and schedule the activities of housekeeping and other staff effectively and efficiently. In fact Hotelogix is the only comprehensive solution which effectively caters to a multiple property set up without making it incur huge technology overheads.


In a traditional set up, property managers have to manually call up the head office to intimate them about the guest check-out. However with Hotelogix, at the time of guest check-out, the staff can simply generate a printable guest statement with the click of a button and free up the room. Once the guest room is freed, the Hotelogix system can automatically make that room available for sale and initiate the housekeeping procedure. The same executives and managers who earlier used to feel overburdened with reservations information can now focus all their energies towards enhancing the guests’ experience.


Besides directly impacting the guest satisfaction levels, Hotelogix improves the efficiency of back office operations as well by making various real-time reports readily available for the management. The same reports are generated manually in Excel in a traditional set up and hence are prone to errors. With Hotelogix, the accuracy levels and options in these reports improve drastically, directly impacting the hotel’s efficiency.