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Hotelogix – Becoming a Hot Favourite of Small to Mid Size Properties Globally

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Hotelogix has been developed and designed in a manner that it empowers small to mid size hotels and resorts by enabling them to manage their employees, guests and properties more effectively than any other web based solution targeted at that market. After all, regardless of the size of their properties, all hotel owners wish to spend less and less time worrying about operations and more on preparing and planning for future growth. Following are some reasons why more and more hoteliers are choosing Hotelogix:


Reservations can be centralized
With the help of Hotelogix you can centralize reservations for multiple properties into one online hotel system which can be accessed anytime anywhere. This implies that all important information such as reservation status, rooms’ availability, rates etc. is readily accessible at all times, making it extremely easy for the hotel staff to manage reservations for all properties from a single screen.


Accomplish unbeatable results in minimum time and cost
Hotelogix does away with the risk of making huge capital investments in expensive on site property management solutions. A small size 50 room hotel can be up and running in less than a week’s time, with operating expenses less than $200 per month.


Real time monitoring of business
Hotelogix provides real time and reliable access to reports related to inventory, yield and productivity, bringing an end to the worries associated with missing forecasts.


Productivity enhancement
Since hotel staff will not have to deal with problems associated with multiple platforms, multiple software versions and other related complexities, the stress levels will take a dip and productivity will increase.