Hotelogix and Siteminder – a winning combinationWhen two products really complement each other, doesn’t it just make sense to use them together? It is better to maximize the investment of one technology by finding products that can enhance their functions.

A combination of Siteminder and Hotelogix brings in the integration of a channel manager with a PMS and automates end to end distribution with operations as well. Small and mid-sized hotels can truly benefit if they use Hotelogix as their PMS along with Siteminder as their channel manager because Hotelogix’s cloud based PMS has created a distribution platform that shall maximize a hotel’s investment into the channel manager.

An integration of both these products ensures:

  • Any chance of overbooking or double booking shall be eliminated: Hotelogix distributes room inventory on GDS networks, OTAs, web-booking engines, and other booking consoles in real time and from a single dashboard. There is no need for a front office or reservation manager to keep juggling room inventories across various GDS or OTA’s, all is taken care of by the software warranting that there is no room for errors
  • No more errors due to manual consolidation of booking data from channel manager: Hotelogix provides end to end automation since hoteliers don’t have to manually consolidate the bookings that are received on the channel manager, which could lead to errors and ultimately result in dissatisfaction to both the consumer as well as the hotels.
  • Distribution is aligned with real time rate management: Any changes made in rate packages, tariffs of the day, special packages etc. shall be updated in real time across all networks where the hotels room inventory is available due to the integration of the Distribution System with the channel manager. Hotelogix also ensures that rate distribution is centralized not just to the channel manager but also across other mediums of sales like the hotel’s website, social media, GDS and so on.
  • Better rate parity and centralized control of all market places: rate parity issues are a serious concern amongst hoteliers across the globe. A hotel cannot risk having differential rates across different platforms because it causes lack of credibility. An integration of Hotelogix and Siteminder assures the hotels that rate parity issues are completely taken care of.
  • Base currency with which the hotel operates gets converted to the currency in which the sales take place: a benefit which ensures that the hoteliers don’t have to juggle with currency conversion issues

Hotelogix unifies all rate and inventory at its distribution system thus providing common pool inventory across all online and offline distribution channels.  The control of the allotment is with the PMS and hence ensures most efficient distribution and usage of inventory.  The integrated solution brings about great business value to the hospitality industry and is a revolutionary technology.  On the 30th of January, Hotelogix shall be conducting a webinar illustrating the benefits of Siteminder clients using Hotelogix as their PMS and distribution system, post the 30th a link to the webinar would be accessible on our website.