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Hotelogix – A step ahead in adapting to the changing face of Hotel Industry

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Property management systems have always been an integral part of hotel operations all over the world. Their scope and functionality has increased significantly in the past one decade, adding more depth to their original areas of check-in & checkout, room availability, tracking bookings and folio charges.  Owing to market’s needs, many PMS vendors have integrated sales and catering, revenue management, golf, spa and other modules into the existing systems.


Despite such adaptations, hotel complexity has reached a point where property management systems can no longer afford to remain focused on property based functions alone. The market nowadays demands PMSs with much wider range of capabilities such as distribution channel management, marketing, capturing all aspects of guests’ experiences (on and off the property), multi-property reservations and more.


Regardless of the functional expansions, there is another major change that property management systems are witnessing nowadays and that is – how such systems are made available to the hotels – by going up in the cloud.


Installing, running and managing onsite PMSs is becoming increasingly complex as more and more functionalists are being added to existing systems every now and then. This puts tremendous pressure on the hotel as it needs more computer room hardware and more complex support structure to handle and manage such additions. Small or mid size hotels cannot afford such expansions, however still need greater data storage space, reliability, security and audit ability. Furthermore, such expansions require increased power, space, energy and air-conditioning, running counter to global initiatives towards greener operations.


The answer to above mentioned issues lies in an efficient and cost- effective property management system – Hotelogix which is based on cloud computing, with SaaS as a delivery model.