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A Hotelier's Guide to Attracting Customers

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

How hotels attract customersThe customer is the crux of every business and reaching out to them is the primary focus of every hotel. Whether you are a 7 star or a mid-sized hotel, you often go lengths to reach out to your customers. Here’s looking at three simple ways to attract more customers.

The year looks bright for travelers and hotels are already rolling out new strategies to attract more customers. In this ever-changing and evolving phase, you need to incorporate three basic techniques that will help you grow in the hospitality industry.

Online Marketing and Social Media

An Updated Website: Ensure that your website links are functioning and that all pages are designed well. Use search-engine friendly content on your website to pull in more visitors who are searching for a relevant keyword.

Target Customers: Prompt recurring customers to avail your special offers and discounts through mail or social media.

Build A Strong Social Media Presence: Reach out to customers and industry professionals on all the social media channels.

Emphasize on Guest Experiences:  The ideal way to promote your brand is through rich media by posting your customer’s feedback, photos or comments.

Keep Customers Engaged: Always respond to your customers’ posts as this is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Update Frequently: People always love to see new posts or pictures on your page. If you are not active on social media channels, then you do not even exist for them.

Offline Marketing

Reward Loyalty: Acknowledge your customers by rewarding them. You can do this by providing them a percentage of discounts on their next stay.

Remembering Special Occasions: Greeting your customer on their anniversaries or birthdays will make them feel special and wanted.

Regular Notifications: Keep your customers abreast with your latest offerings by post or phone calls.


Agile property management system: Opt for a modern, cloud-based property management system to integrate bookings and make your hotel available to your customers. Vanessa Hotel in Greece experienced 200% increase in online bookings after implementing cloud PMS.

Global Distribution System: GDS providers like Expedia, Amadeus, Sabre, Orbitz or Travelocity can be powerful enough to expand your market’s reach.

Online Travel Agents (OTA): With the help of online travel agents, your property will become more visible and your entire management system will become more streamlined.

Increasing Direct Bookings: You can also encourage guests to make direct bookings on your official website instead of going through OTAs.

It becomes very crucial to impress your customer. If you offer good services then there is no chance to lose out on your customers. Since customers are your prime focus, adopt the basic techniques mentioned above and see if you benefit from them. These simple strategies can get you a good name in the industry which in turn will be helpful in your business.