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The Hotel Industry is Using Technology to Ease Operations

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

The Hotel Industry is Using Technology to Ease OperationsAlthough the hotel industry is extraordinarily reliant on staff and administration, technology assumes a huge part of its operations.

Property Management Systems:

An incredible sample of such innovation in the hospitality business is “Property Management System” or PMS. A PMS helps hotels with computerized administration of customer bookings and incorporates areas like online reservations, housekeeping, point of sale and more. A PMS is normally a necessary part of small and mid-sized hotels and becomes a need in multi-property groups, owing to their size. This system encourages both micro administration and macro administration of just about all the aspects of hotel operations.

Varied hotels make utilization of different modules of the property management system depending on their needs. A few PMSs offer analytical features that help in driving the business.

Other Technologies:

Remote training, support center access and documentation programs are few of the multiple computerized programs that are being used by hotels nowadays. It is not just computer software but also other technologies being used by hotels to simplify operations. There are intricate frameworks dependent upon hotel’s IP telephone networks as well, that are applied for system integration and easier visitor access. There are many CMSs (Content management systems) available too, that assist hotels in dispersing data to the customers and promote marketing initiatives, thereby supplementing the traditional marketing activities.

Green Technology:

With the stress on reducing the hotel industry’s carbon footprint and expanding awareness among the guests about the meaning of sustainability, “green innovation” is something that is picking up wide fame in the hospitality business. It includes all activities that include eco-friendly initiatives, waste management, recycling and reusing, and energy efficient methods. More hotels are embracing green technology these days.

The need for green is echoed in a survey by a popular online travel portal, which reveals that 62% of U.S. travelers prefer green hotels and give a thought to the environment when choosing hotels, meals or transportation. 17% of travelers are even willing to pay more for eco-friendly features. With travelers becoming more eco-conscious of the choices they make, it is the right time for hotels to implement green practices that fuel the business.

By reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint, you can not only go pro environment but also cut down on your operational costs.

Whether it is a cloud based property management system or small initiatives like waste management, using technology in your hotel makes things easier for your business as well as the guest.