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High Time: Hotels Must Turn to Mobile Tech To Manage Future Challenges


High Time: Hotels Must Turn to Mobile Tech To Manage Future Challenges

The coronavirus outbreak took the world entirely by surprise. Although we have faced many pandemics in the past, COVID seems to have sprung out of nowhere and continues to cause immeasurable loss. Many hospitality businesses around the world have suffered greatly during this time and most are struggling to generate an income. In just a few months, everything has changed.

The way the hotel industry is doing business now is very different from how businesses were run just a year ago. Behaviours, priorities and expectations have all changed drastically. Naturally, this means that business strategies, verticals and solutions that existed pre-pandemic needs to transform if they hope to survive the aftermath.

What Do People Want?

Of course, it can often seem difficult to change direction. Fortunately, there are some common truths regarding the hospitality industry that can apply to all hotels. You will want to look for simple, frictionless options that are touch-free and self-serve. These types of alterations are likely to change the entire guest experience. In today’s world, this is a good thing. It’s exactly what people are looking for when they travel.

They don’t want to stand in line with people, even if it means that those lines are short and people are masked. People are looking for convenience and safety and you can provide this with the right mobile technology for hotels.

How Can Hotelogix Suite Make Adopting Mobile Technology Easier?

Hotelogix Mobile Hotel PMS will make it possible for you to manage all of your guest operations easily and without compromise. Going mobile means that you’ll enjoy a wide range of advantages over the software that you are likely using right now. Many hotels have outdated software and they’ll have to juggle several different platforms to take care of all of the various needs of the hotel.

With the Hotelogix Mobile Hotel PMS, it puts everything into a single platform that’s available right at your fingertips. Everyone who needs to access the platform can do so from their phone or tablet with ease. Imagine how much more convenient this can be for you, your employees and your customers.

  • No Shared Spaces – With mobile tech, your staff will not have to share workstations or the same space, greatly reducing the risk of spreading or contracting the coronavirus. It allows your employees to ensure they are maintaining social distancing requirements in all areas of the hotel making this is the safer option.
  • No Crowds at the Front Desk – One of the most crowded areas in any hotel is the front desk area. Not only are workers often crowded around these stations, but there are also customers who are in line. With mobile hotel PMS technology, this no longer poses a problem.
  • Check-in and Check-out Procedures – You will also find that using mobile PMS will help to make these processes faster and easier. It will allow the guests to check-in and out using their phones, making this entire process contactless. There is no need for IDs to change hands, either as the mobile camera can be used to scan, click, and store all of the guest-related information. Customers can check into and out of the hotel, and make sure their payment is made no matter where they are. This way it is safer and more convenient not only for the guests but also for those working at the hotel.
  • Seamless Operations – The platform from Hotelogix is easy to integrate into your current setup and it will provide you with a seamless transition. Once you have the system in place, it will be easier than ever to control many elements of the hotel’s operations.
  • Coordinate Housekeeping and Get Updates – One of the other ways that using mobile technology can help managers at the hotel is through easier coordination with the housekeeping staff. Instead of meeting with the housekeepers in person, you’ll be able to communicate with them through the PMS to create assignments and to get updates on which rooms have been cleaned. This helps to streamline the process of getting rooms back on the market for the next guests. It is fast, easy and promotes safety since you can coordinate housekeeping from a distance.
  • Remote POS Orders – Point of sale orders are much easier through the mobile interface, as well. Rather than the customers needing to speak to someone in person, it can be done through the mobile PMS instead.
  • Easy Mobile Payments – All of the payments can be made through the customer’s mobile device, as well. This is faster and easier. Since many customers are already used to purchasing items online and through their phones, they will find that it’s also convenient and safe for them.

As you can see, using mobile hotel PMS technology provides a wealth of advantages for those hotels that adopt the tech. Of course, when you choose to use the Hotelogix suite, you’ll find that it can help in a host of other ways, as well.

What Else Does The Hotelogix Hotel PMS Offer?

The Hotelogix Hotel PMS is a robust suite that provides hoteliers with a substantial amount of control over their hotel operations.

One of the benefits of the platform is the ability to manage multiple channels. Many hotels are using various online channels, in addition to their own website, to sell their rooms. They need to have a way to manage and change the prices of the rooms on these channels quickly and easily. Hotelogix lets you control everything from a single panel. You will also appreciate that everything is updated in real-time so you won’t have to worry about double-booking.

Some of the other features available through the suite include reputation management and automated revenue management. All of the features of the suite help to put full control over your operations right in your hands, literally. Having just one platform that does it all helps to ensure that it’s easier for everyone to learn how to use and that everything is updated at the same time.

Hotelogix Is Ready To Help

Hotelogix understands the uncertainty you are feeling right now. You’re worried about the lack of visitors to your hotel. You want to know how you’ll be able to keep on as much of your staff as possible. We want to help hotels revitalize their businesses. To make this happen, we’ve decided to partner and deliver value at a price point that fits the state of this industry right now. It is now possible to take advantage of the COVID Special offer.

This offer provides the most powerful, full-stack hotel management suite for 85% off. We will also work closely with you to help your occupancy get back to where it should be. A hotel only pays Hotelogix for services when the business reaches an optimal level.

We believe that your success should be our first priority. With this offer, we’re doing what we can to ensure that you can improve your business even in this difficult time.

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