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Has Your Hotel Gone Green Yet?

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Has Your Hotel Gone Green YetEco-friendly concepts in the form of ‘green technology’ are gathering more mileage by the day. Responsible environmental policies have evidently made the hospitality industry to go green as well. If your hotel hasn’t caught up with the green trend as yet, then here is your chance to know how to go the green way to be a responsible eco-friendly hotel that lays out the green mat to greet environment-conscious hotel guests.

Interesting Green Ideas for Hotels:

– Going Paperless for Flawless Management

Technology inevitably transforms its users to adopt green policies. With everything going virtual, the online world sustains a paperless way of management and results in precise handling, which is more efficient and economical to reduce consumption of stationery, labor and other necessary equipment that are required to handle hotel management. With an efficient cloud backed PMS for hotel management, there is little or no need for a paper and manual transactions; every action is done by the click of the cursor. Software for hotels have enhanced property management systems to go ‘green’ by cutting down paper transactions, labor and other costs for installing IT systems and IT infrastructure in the hotel premises.

– Green Housekeeping

Undoubtedly, the housekeeping department has a greater impact on going green. A recent study showed that hotel laundry services account for 15-20% of the energy consumption of a fully functioning hotel. Also, the laundry services are responsible for 16% of the property’s total water used. Apart from integrating recycled and green products in the hotel décor, premises and amenities, green hotels have come up with a policy on changing linen as well. Now hotel guests can opt to have their bed linen or room towels changed every other day or as and when required, bearing their green interests in mind. This latest hotel policy has gathered a lot of praise from eco-enthusiasts!

– Saving Energy

Green technology has become a reckoning force to limit consumption of energy to recreating picture perfect paperless transactions. Automation has advanced in the hotel premises as well, with hotel rooms having auto controls such that as and when a guest enters the room, the lights come on, sunshades rise, the television turns on and if it is winter, even the fireplace lights up. From card key switches for switching on the hotel room power to having motion sensors for electricity in specific areas; the energy consumption has been brought down to its bare minimum!

Green Statistics in Hospitality Industry

The need for green is echoed in a survey by a popular online travel portal, which reveals that 62% of U.S. travelers prefer green hotels and give a thought for the environment when choosing hotels, meals or transportation. 17% of travelers are even willing to pay more for eco-friendly features. With travelers becoming more eco-conscious of the choices they make, it is the right time for hotels to implement green practices that fuel the business.

The hospitality industry is waking up to the need for a green evolution. Room fixtures to property management systems – hoteliers are adopting eco-friendly policies as an integral renovation of their hotel management agenda. Hotels going green is a sign that environmental friendly policies are protecting the future of our planet profoundly.

Turning into a green leaf is not just an eco-friendly responsibility, but it is the need of the hour. Especially when it comes to using hotel management software, cloud PMS is the one-stop green technology saving your money, labor and many woes evidently. To know more as to how to become a green hotelier and turn your business into a reckoning green-model, register here for our English webinar ‘Green Technology – The color of money for hoteliers in 2014’