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Front Desk Is Also Your Hotel’s Marketing Desk

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Front Desk Is Also Your Hotel’s Marketing DeskThe front desk is synonymous with helping, fixing, reaching out and approaching all hotel guests. It is the first visible staff space that a hotel guest encounters when they enter your hotel premises. Reactions, behavior and attitude reflected at the hotel’s front desk generates an emphatic opinion in the mind of your hotel guests. These opinions will inevitably translate into either invigorating reviews or degrading ones.

Other than being the prima facie receiving and welcoming department of your hotel guests, your front desk is also a part and parcel of your marketing desk. We are living in the era of Online Travel Agents (OTAs), technology, and every miniscule automation, but that shouldn’t stop hotel management from providing a front desk care personnel who reflects every shard of the hotel’s hospitality policies. As reiterated by our smart hoteliering tips for guest experiences and best practices for hotels to indulge in- the social reach of your hotel guests is expansive and influential, hence any terrific to horrific comments or reviews of your hotel services can tip the scales in a huge way.

Hotel managers and operations staff should ensure that their front force of operational members are fully equipped, efficient, brisk and conditioned to handle and balance the pressures and demands of running a front desk with a smile!

The hospitality industry is working diligently to erase every stress line from their esteemed guest’s face when they enter their hotels. Instituting a travel desk alongside your front desk is one of the many ways to utilize your front desk to gain marketing mileage. Now, your frontline hotel employees not just usher your hotel guests into a remarkable experience, but work towards creating a magical and marvelous experience as per as the guest’s needs, wills and desires.

With a warm, welcoming smile to assuring words, the polite allure of the attitude of your front desk can captivate your hotel guests to gift your hotel uplifting reviews, which is turn works as a wonderful marketing tool for your hotel. The receptive welcome of the hotel staff sets the tone for a hotel guest’s stay and experience.

Front desk in any sized hotel has an appealing influence and marketing upper over the guest experience. A hotel envisioning on building their hotel empire on reputed services should bank on a property management system that equips their front desk to work briskly with an unfading smile!