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Free Wi-Fi & Extended Happy Hours during the Curfew


Property management system ThailandMilitary coup has created uproar in Thailand but does that mean travelers should stop visiting Asia’s most attractive destination?

Following group protests for democracy, the Thai Junta deployed troops in the popular tourist city of Bangkok. Military roadblocks pushed protesters to a nearby retail mall, which is one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist areas. In response to the protests, the Thai military invoked martial law and put a national curfew in place, temporarily shutting down the rail stations and malls. While the U.S. Department of State has recommended the cancellation of any non-essential travel to Bangkok, the situation has remained rather peaceful, and hotels are taking care of guests that are already in the country.

Bangkok, the party capital of the world, is making sure that the party lovers are not being deprived of fun while they are there and hotels are introducing special offers and services to entice tourists.

Hotels are offering free Wi-Fi service: Your guests could stay up-to-date on the latest news with free WiFi. This can work wonders for your hotel during the curfew.

Hotels are extending their happy hours service: Guests can enjoy the extended happy hours until midnight while remaining safe in the hotel.

Le Meridien, located in Chiang Mai, sent guests a memo notifying them that the hotel would be offering free Wi-Fi and extended happy hours. While this method may not work for every situation, Thailand is no stranger to military coups and this particular instance was relatively non-violent. Le Meridien’s response was therefore perfectly in line with a non-alarming tone and a stated goal to make guests as comfortable as possible.

Find out how PMS comes handy

When the waters get rough, it is important that managers have free time to deal with the situation at hand so they don’t go down with the ship. Having a high-quality property management system (PMS) can help hoteliers free up some time to deal with crises without compromising the operations of the hotel. A PMS can help to streamline the daily operations, making sure that nothing gets overlooked or neglected. It is important that managers are able to make time to analyze the situation and make strategic plans to safely and successfully continue running the property.

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