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What’s New in Hotelogix Cloud PMS?


New features in Cloud PMSHotelogix knows the importance of valued customers hence we constantly aim to upgrade our system with new features that will streamline hotel management and other hotel related tasks.

 An Add-on to our Existing Cloud PMS

Hotel industry has advanced to such great heights and many are facing stagnation in the existing property management software.  The cloud PMS offered by us is extremely efficient, and we have now come out with new features that offer even more simplified solutions for your hotel’s management. At this stage, where the hotel industry is booming, our newly launched modules will let you take a backseat. Surprised? Find out how these new features work:

Xero Accounting System: Ever wished of a system that can take care of all your accounting woes? The Xero accounting system manages all your payments, per say, room bookings, corporate bookings, travel bookings, restaurant bills, payables, ageing reports, commissions and deductions. The best part about Xero accounting system is that it can be easily accessible from anywhere and it connects with all the bank accounts, manages invoices and other features with just a click.

Payment Gateway: This new edition will support all the capabilities that any payment gateway possesses – be it booking from your hotel’s website or from the front desk and point of sale. The good news is that the system is compatible with all popular payment gateways giving you the flexibility to work with vendors of your choice.

TripConnect: Hotelogix is a premium partner of TripConnect and lets you showcase your web booking engine rates on TripAdvisor. Our integration with TripConnect (Read: How TripConnect can increase direct bookings) will help you increase your online revenues with real-time room availability, bookings and cancellation details. You can also opt for Review Express feature which will send out review express emails shot at the time of the night audit to your guests, post departure. You have the control to include/exclude your guests from this mailing list. All your guests receive this email with the option to post their review about their stay with you on TripAdvisor. These reviews will contribute greatly to your online reputation and indirectly, bookings.

EPABX Integration: Communication is of prime importance and an effective communication system reflects the professional competence of a hotel.  EPABX integration will allow the hotel to post charges to the room as and when the call is made. This new integration not just plays a role of a communication system, but also helps reduce labour, thereby increasing the productivity of the staff.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) Printer: Keeping a record of guests’ orders and preferences can be quite a task if you don’t have a good system in place. This is when KOT comes handy, where orders placed can reach the respective kitchen and be printed for the items to be prepared quickly. Once you integrate KOT with the PMS, you can add different kitchens (E.g.: Indian, Chinese, Continental etc.) and link the printers in each kitchen to the POS itself. All the items in the menu will be linked to a specific kitchen from which the items will be prepared.

It is the quality of service that builds the reputation of hotels and creates a loyal customer base. Our new range of interfaces will improve your hotel’s management system. To activate these features, you need to send in a request email to our Support Team.

Once installed,you can spend more time with your guests whilst maintaining quality in your day-to-day management. These integrations will definitely help you save more time and effort while you take a backseat!

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