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Enhance your resort’s efficiency with a Cloud PMS & watch occupancy soar

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

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A cloud-based property management system offers resorts a wide range of benefits, whether you are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage bookings or you already have a PMS, but it is a traditional system based on your premises. Here are some of the benefits resorts can enjoy by adopting a cloud-based PMS.

Increased Staff Efficiency

A cloud PMS will make your staff more efficient due to the high level of flexibility and accessibility these systems offer. First off, as your business needs change, the system will adapt to your needs, rather than employees having to jump through hoops to adapt to the system. For example, if a promotion is especially successful and you get a sudden massive influx of new reservations, a cloud-based PMS manages resources dynamically and will adapt accordingly.

Since cloud-based systems use the internet, they can be accessed from anywhere, using any device. Thus, employees can access the information they need using any computer, phone or tablet, no matter where they are or how technologically challenged they are either.

All this means your staff will be more efficient in their administrative duties, freeing up a lot of time which they can dedicate to guests. More time for guests means happier guests, which will eventually translate into higher earnings.

Improved Guest Experience

A cloud-based PMS will help improve the guest experience in more ways than just through improved staff efficiency. Guests nowadays expect to be able to request hotel services using their own phones and tablets, which is impossible if you are using Excel and extremely difficult to achieve with a premises-based system.

However, guests can easily interact with a cloud-based PMS, requesting any services they desire, even if they aren’t on the premises. This interactivity allows hotels to better engage with guests, improve loyalty and drive traffic to their sites as guests will be sharing their experiences with friends and family because the system makes it easy for them to do so.

Reduction in Expenditure

Whether you are now moving from Excel or already have a traditional PMS, you will see a reduction in costs if you go the cloud-based route. Installing a traditional PMS usually represents a big investment as dedicated servers are often necessary, along with licensing fees per workstation, installation, upgrade and maintenance costs and more.

A cloud-based PMS will eliminate the need for the initial outlay as you won’t have to invest in additional equipment or in the licensing fees for the software. Cloud-based systems operate on a subscription basis, meaning that all you have to do is pay the usually reasonable monthly fee and everything else, such as software maintenance and upgrades, are all included.

You can also expand as your resort grows, without the need to make a significant investment from the start. Thus, you can treat your cloud-based property management system as an operational expense, which will grow as your needs grow.

Increase in Profitability

All the other benefits will naturally lead to higher profits, but cloud-based property management systems offer a wide range of other functions that will help increase profits too.

For one, these systems centralize all your bookings into one system and connect in real-time to a channel manager, minimizing the risk of double bookings. The latter not only results in direct lost revenue but can indirectly affect bookings due to poor reviews, which will damage your resort’s reputation.

Cloud-based systems are also extremely customizable, in the sense that you can do things such as:

  • Sell add-on services separately, or include them in tailored packages;
  • Use multiple currencies, making international bookings easier;
  • Confirm bookings via your website;
  • Receive payment online.

By making life easier for your guests and offering them a great experience, you will see profits rise and expenses drop.

Cloud-based property management systems will soon be the norm for resorts because the wide range of benefits they offer can’t be denied. Any resort that wants to offer a truly outstanding guest experience, which is key to a better bottom line, can do so much more easily with the help of a cloud-based PMS.

Enhance your resort’s efficiency with a Cloud PMS & watch occupancy soar