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Dynamic Room Allotment helps small hotels sell till the last available room


Dynamic Room Allotment

Dynamic Room Allotment is a boon for small hoteliers to maximize revenues without the risk of overbooking. It is an important feature, especially for the independent and small hotelier who faces a daily challenge in allotment of their room inventory to different distribution channels.

Managing the different distribution channels effectively can ensure maximum revenue. This would require optimizing allotment of rooms to third party distribution channels that the hotel is connected to.

For small hotels that have limited room inventory to work with, blocking rooms to make them available for different channels creates a situation where rooms are available yet not booked.  For example: A hotel has 20 rooms and has blocked 8 rooms for OTAs. If the 8 rooms are completely booked by the OTAs, the hotel needs to again go and block more rooms for the OTAs. A delay in assigning rooms to the OTAs can result in a loss of opportunity where a booking could have been made. On the other hand, a situation can arise when out of the 8 rooms blocked for the OTAs, only 4 are booked. If the available rooms with the hotel for direct bookings are completely booked, the hotel needs to go through the process of releasing the blocked rooms and making them available for direct booking before a reservation confirmation can be done.

With a limited inventory of rooms to work with, optimum utilization can be difficult when working with many channels.

How Dynamic Room Allotment Helps?

Dynamic Allotment of rooms, a unique feature of the Hotelogix Property Management System solves this problem with its unique approach. Designed especially for the independent and small hotelier, it ensures last room availability for the third party. The hotelier can choose to switch on the dynamic allotment for third party channels and can also specify the number of rooms for which the dynamic allotment needs to work. For instance, if the dynamic allotment is switched on for third party channels for 10 rooms, the system will keep sending the rooms until the rooms are zero, i.e. no availability in hotel. The number of rooms available to the channel never reaches nil if the rooms are available with the hotel.

This feature is advantageous because the hotel staff need not go through the tedious procedures of blocking and releasing rooms. Dynamic Allotment is specifically designed keeping in mind the small hotels as large hotels have a larger inventory and varied resources to manage the same. For small hotels with limited inventory, even one room can be allotted to each channel, automatically picking up another room from your hotel if needed, avoiding the chances of losing out on a booking during the delay in allotment of rooms, because Dynamic Allotment optimizes the room inventory distribution and that too in real time.

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