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Dynamic Room Allocation: A Boon for Front Desk Managers


Dynamic room allocation

Room allocation is one of the most complex and important tasks of guest registration activity. During advance booking or reservation confirmation, only a room type is booked and a room number is not yet allocated to the guest. The allocation of the room requires taking into account a lot of details and this process is mostly undertaken by the Front Desk Manager.

The Front Desk Officer usually fulfils this task by first going through the arrival list for the next day, the type of guests, room types and any special requests that are mentioned in the booking.  After going through the entire criterion, the rooms are allocated as per the room type reserved and any special requests mentioned. VIP and other important guests are allocated rooms accordingly. If by chance, rooms are not available in a particular room type, room upgrades are offered. These are just some of the tasks that come under the process of room allocation.

How Hotelogix’s Dynamic Room Allocation Helps?

The Hotelogix Dynamic Room Allocation Manager has been engineered by working in close association with leading hoteliers to understand how we could develop a system that is easy to use yet solves all the practical problems of room allocation.

With Dynamic Room Allocation Manager, Hotelogix helps Front Desk Managers enjoy a user experience that is as simple as drawing charts.

Every time there is a new reservation, the automatic engine runs an extensive calculation on optimizing room utilization. This calculation is based on our proprietary algorithms which use room occupancy, housekeeping status and room optimization rules for assigning rooms.

When rooms are booked with the Hotelogix property management system, the room allocation manager scans the available rooms and allocates the best room for a guest according to the specified details after scanning through the available inventory.

Dynamic allocation is most useful during peak season as there may be cases where rooms are available but not for the complete duration of the booking and the guest may have to be checked into a room and then asked to move to a different room after a few days. Dynamic allocation automatically assigns rooms using the algorithm to make sure such a situation if avoidable never arises.

Dynamic allocation also takes into account the housekeeping status of the rooms while allocating the rooms. This ensures that the guest is always checked into a clean room automatically. This allows for a speedier check-in for the guest. Once the housekeeping status is updated, the system will immediately and automatically assign a clean room to the guest at the earliest.

Dynamic Room allocation is new technology that helps a hotel’s front desk manager operate easily and efficiently, reduces the time required for room allocation, and also ensures maximum guest satisfaction.

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