Don't miss ITB BERLIN

The world’s leading hospitality technology show is held every year in Berlin. International Tourism Exchange (ITB Berlin) invites hotels, tourist boards, travel agencies, system providers, airlines and car rentals to come together and explore the ever-changing and thriving global market.

During last year, the events and seminars related to mobile and social media were in high demand. The eTravel participation has nearly doubled since 2012, showing the quick change in the market. Partner country Indonesia, featured more than 300 dancers, musicians and performing artists to help showcase the destination and added an electrifying excitement to the event.

ITB Berlin 2014 is being held from Wednesday, March 5, through Sunday, March 9. The convention’s program hallmarks events built around the future of hospitality, marketing, business travel, destination travel, workshops, eTravel, wellness and scope for young professionals in the expansive industry. The focus will zone-in on responsible and sustainable tourism practice; nonetheless, other vital topics such as travel technology will be emphasized as well. The convention brings together the hospitality industry’s largest think tank and undoubtedly, this event is the potential catalyst for some of the best and brightest ideas that shape the future of the industry. From hoteliers who want an edge on the competition, to those who are always looking forward to grasp and learn about the hospitality industry and its growing trends, this convention cannot be given a miss. With countless exhibitors and swiftly growing number of attendees, ITB Berlin 2014 is certain to be a great spectacle for all involved and for those looking forward to participating in it.

If you plan to attend ITB Berlin, ensure to bring your best ideas and carry an open frame of mind to grasp the magnitude of the hospitality industry in its largesse. With an expected 10,000 exhibiting companies from more than 180 countries, this is your ‘once is a year’ chance to view the industry from different point of views, in spectacular fashion!