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Does your PMS Help you Manage Corporate Bookings?


Hotelogix Corporate BookingsAccording to the data released by Pegasus Solutions, “Global hotel bookings for business travel increased by 4.4% over last year in September. In addition to the global growth in reservations, rates paid by corporate travellers increased by +2.1% over last year. In North America, corporate bookings climbed +5.4% over 2012 as rates grew slightly more by +2.3%. However, business travel showed the most significant improvement over the last year outside North America, where growth was fuelled by Asia. Reservations for all other regions combined surpassed 2012 by +11.2%, as rates inched +1.0%.

With the recent trends and predictions of continuation by Pegasus Solutions, corporate bookings are on the rise. Reaching out and working with corporates will definitely play a large role in generating revenues for hotels.

So the question is whether your property management system provides tools for managing corporate bookings? Does it also provide attractive services that can be offered to the corporates to encourage them in building a long term relationship with the hotel?

Hotelogix offers a fully integrated Self Service Corporate Booking Platform that can be offered to the corporates and business clients. The Hotelogix Corporate Booking Console works like an easy to use browser which requires the corporate login information to access the rates and packages that have been negotiated with the hotel.

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The Hotel Sales Staff can increase the sales through corporate bookings with the help of this tool that promises ease of use, increased efficiency and better customer service for the corporates. Now they can spend more time in building relationship and reaching out to the corporates rather than spending time in administrative tasks of booking and making reservations. Today’s corporates enjoy self-service technology and with a dedicated HR Staff that looks after the corporate travels, a dedicated Corporate Console is an extremely convenient tool and need of the hour. Hotelogix provides a corporate booking feature that makes the job of the Reservation Manager (one who handles corporate bookings) easier as few corporates look for a Guest Relationship manager within the hotel to manage their bookings. Strategic pricing for corporates can be streamlined and made more transparent for the corporate booker, which will generate more trust and in turn result in getting long term business from them.

The Hotelogix Corporate Booking features offer the following:

– Dedicated booking console

– Features for managing your travel efficiently

– Negotiated rates and Special Rates can be set and can be accessed through the online             dedicated corporate console

– Real Time Bookings

– Commissions, Credits and other accounting managed automatically through PMS

– (The booking is reflected on the front desk and C indicates Corporate)

With an online tool for managing corporate bookings, hotels are able to leverage the shift to mobile. HR or other administrative staff of a company can now make bookings on the go using their smartphones. Managing the accounting for corporate bookings becomes easier for both parties in increasing transparency and eliminating errors. Information such as Credit Terms, Credit Card Information can be captured and managed by the Hotelogix Corporate Booking features.  Hotelogix monitors the credit period and allows bookings depending upon the credit period and balance. Timely reminders can also be sent.

A fully integrated and dedicated corporate console makes it easier for the hotel staff to spend more time engaging with the corporates than wasting time on manual administrative tasks. Also this empowers the companies with a tool that gives complete transparency on their corporate account, their negotiated rates and credits and enables them to make their corporate travel bookings on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Take a free trial of Hotelogix’s PMS and enjoy the ease of booking at your convenience with the corporate booking console.