Click, click, click. Tap, tap, tap. Such familiar sounds these days.

We add friends on Facebook, tweet our thoughts, Instagram what we had for dinner, and Pin all our dreams and desires. It feels like everything we do these days has been digitized.  Apps, tablets and gadgets can be extremely helpful with everyday tasks, and they are certainly beneficial to your growing business if used properly. Technology can streamline countless processes and help you to make your property even a little bit “greener” by saving paper. But you have to take advantage of the opportunity when you see it. Technology will not wait for you.

Bring your property out of the stone ages and digitize your property’s guest information book. Guests appreciate your knowledge of the surrounding area, property information and emergency contacts, but binders of information can wear quickly and look unprofessional. By digitizing your books, you never have to worry lost or torn pages and maintenance is a breeze. Be logical. Guests will be impressed by your modern take and appreciate the convenience it offers.

Although some technology can be counterintuitive, your guests will take to a digital guest information book like digital natives. Digital books present maps, menus, brochures, and troubleshooting information all in a clean, interactive template. Guests can zoom in on maps and access reviews that would be left out of traditional books to save space. Maintaining up-to-date information no longer requires using an entire ream of paper and visiting every guest room to replace old pages, you can update every book on your property with the click of a mouse.

Guestbooks can be stored on tablets, desktops or laptops, and displayed in the lobby and guestrooms. Guests can also have an option of accessing the guestbook on their mobile device, which comes in handy when guests are out on the town and can’t recall the name of the recommended restaurant they wanted to visit. Digital information is much easier to manage, edit and update quickly. If your property is ready to go all-in with the tech wave, consider managing your entire property through cloud-based hotel management software. You can manage your bookings, employee information and guest information books all from one location. This is one technological advancement that is entirely logical.