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Contactless Learning and Certification: A Convenient way to keep your staff trained post-COVID


Convenient way to keep your staff trained post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has abysmally affected several industries across the world and the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. However, despite being among the first ones to witness the bad weather conditions, the hotel industry is doing every possible bit to remain strong and recover as quickly as possible. The industry has shown a great maturity level — hotels are working together, showing their true hospitality commitments in helping out the society where they can.

Now, as the COVID graph has started to flatten, the industry is slowly getting back to business. But the rules of the game have changed – today, travellers are not only looking for best rates but also looking for a safer stay. And for that, the industry is adapting to the new normal with a completely new set of health and safety protocols.

To make social distancing and hotel operations go hand-in-hand, hotels are doubling down on the latest technologies such as contactless check-in and check-out.

However, it is not just the guests, the hotel staff must also maintain social distancing and one of the first steps to go about it is by eliminating classroom-based staff training. Also, when your hotel staff is not taking dedicated classroom training, they are available for solving guest queries and delivering great customer experience.

Now, many might argue that it is important for the staff to know the know-how of hotel operations. Well, there is a solution to that too — Auto Learning.

Contactless Learning With A.C.E

Over the past few years, the automation space has evolved tremendously — it is being used in several industries. Talking specifically about the hospitality industry, hotel automation solutions are emerging as a focal point and have already started to make an impact.

Amid this COVID chaos and changing health and safety protocols, it is crucial that hotels turn to technologies that provide auto-learning for staff training.

Auto learning systems and contactless learning are proved to be efficient in “learning by doing,” when it comes to training your staff. These systems walk you through the process of training your staff to utilize the software that streamlines areas of operation. Also, it eliminates the need for classroom seminars, e-learning modules, or implementation and then on-the-go training. Rather, it offers robust answers as needed.

It not only helps in training your staff but also ensures that the staff is able to give full attention to their guests and not the computer screens in front of them.

Introducing Hotelogix A.C.E., the world’s first automated coaching engine and a top-tier contactless learning system. It is a version of the software that features one-touch enabling the integrated learning module. The engine comes in-built with Hotelogix cloud PMS. Click it on and you can access all of the videos and tutorials for your hotel software training. Its tutorials can walk you through the various essential processes necessary for day-to-day business, and in a way that feels consumer-oriented rather than enterprise-oriented.

Contactless Certification: The New Game Changer In The Domain

The hotel industry is gearing up and reimagining ways to serve customers, giving utmost importance to hygiene standards, and contactless hospitality tops the list as more and more hotels are turning to it.

According to experts, the hospitality sector is going to get re-defined and “touchless hospitality” is the future. Keeping this in mind, hoteliers must remodel their standard operating procedures towards providing greater care and ensure a safe environment for their guests.

This adoption of the new normal would require more and more experienced staff — staff that know the nuts and bolts of your hotel operations.

To help hoteliers with just that, Hotelogix has come up with something called ‘Contactless Certification.’

Hotelogix Automated Coaching Engine — A.C.E is one of a kind auto-learning system that not only trains your staff without any human contact but also ensures that they are perfect at what they do through Contactless Certification.

How does this Contactless Certification Works?

  • Admins/trainers can create different certifications to test the knowledge and skills of their staff
  • Every certification contains different sections/tasks
  • Admins can select the tasks for certification and can also allot marks for each task
  • Once the certification is set up, it can be assigned to any staff
  • The candidate has to complete the test at a given time frame
  • Once completed, they will be rewarded with a certificate that shows their credibility

ACE Contactless Certification ensures that the hotel staff is updated with all the operations of the hotel and adheres to the new set of social distancing protocols.

From the very beginning, Hotelogix A.C.E. (contactless training) has proved to be a game-changing tech in the hospitality domain and now with Contactless Certification, it is just going to get better, empowering hotels at this time of crisis.


This pandemic is going to end much sooner than we expect. However, it won’t be the same again — the needs and wants of traveller have already changed and soon, hotel operations will change too. So, its high time hotels around the world focus on embracing the new techs that are coming up to meet the ‘new normal’ protocols.

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