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Contactless Check-In: The Key To A SAFER Stay For Your Guests


Contactless Check-In

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the hotel industry towards a ‘new normal’ of operating with completely different sets of health and safety protocols. As the industry tries to figure out ways in which it can deal with the pandemic and open up for business, the needs and wants of a traveler has evolved and changed — today people when they are booking a stay at a hotel, it’s not just the best rates but it’s about their health and safety.

Without an inch of doubt, if hotels want to recover quickly from the current crisis, it is high time that they incorporate every possible measure to ensure guests’ safety. And while doing so, hotels must invest in digitalization, making the best use of technology to improve the guest experience. It would not only help them recover quickly but also serve their intended purpose by enhancing accessibility and convenience.

To help you make the right call on developing new services to make your guests stay more comfortable and convenient and also give your hotel a more central role in the guest’s overall experience, we would like to put light on a new system.

Go Contactless With Xperium and Hotelogix

Despite the fact that the health aspect surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the hospitality and travel industries, there is a silver lining and signs of recovery are emerging. And one of the prime components is a revamped check-in process.

As the hotel industry is preparing for the post-COVID world, many hotels around the world are doubling down on contactless check-ins and check-outs.

Contactless check-in technologies allow your guests, who desire to have a contactless arrival experience, bypass the front desk and go to their rooms directly. Guests can check-in, choose their room, access their room, and check-out with as minimal human involvement as possible.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, the front desks of hotels were oriented around a traditional style of check-in that involved a lot of human involvement. However, as technology has made its way to the hotel industry, guest-facing contactless check-in is becoming a major solution to tackle the spread of the virus.

Lately, Hotelogix joined hands with RepUp and we would like to introduce one of the revolutionary technologies for hoteliers — Contactless Check-In.

Along with Hotelogix PMS, Xperium Contactless Check-In can be implemented immediately. And hotels can welcome guests while adhering to social-distancing norms.

Xperium contactless check-in and check-out help you serve your guests with minimal face-to-face contact. It is the safest way to welcome guests, allow them to check into their rooms without using a mobile app or a kiosk. Now, social distancing and hoteliering goes hand-in-hand.

How Contactless System Works

Talking about the system, it works through custom check-in and check-out workflows based on guest segments. Guests upload the required identification documents and the optical character recognition (OCR) auto-fills the required fields with information from scanned documents. Then the front desk staff reviews and accepts check-ins with zero contact. Furthermore, hotels can also collect health declarations from guests who are checking in so that they can maintain hygienic conditions and minimize the risks of an outbreak.

Being a system that is guest-centric and as the system would be integrated with the Hotelogix PMS, this contactless check-in and check-out system allows guests to choose their rooms.

When it’s about checking out, the billing integration with PMS allows your guest to express checkout with saved payment information. There are payment gateway integrations and automated feedback form that makes the entire check-out process really fast.


The hospitality industry recognizes the challenges that it is facing at this point in time and it has become much more important than ever to incorporate the sought after technologies not only to recover but also to help people have the safest stay. And during this crisis, contactless check-in and check-out are definitely going to be game-changer.

Also, it is inevitable that this pandemic will come to an end and it is time that hotels concisely strategize their recovery plan — whether it is in terms of marketing or operation or contactless food delivery to rooms or following all guidelines which have been set by WHO and other departments as well.