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‘Cloud’ marks the spot

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Good online presence which is seamlessly served and is integrated with hotel operations is going to be the key for the small and mid-sized hotels to survive in a competitive market.

Cloud based solutions are perfectly poised to amalgamate hotel operations with the online opportunity, which is an absolute need; this is like a part of the guest experience in a hotel as a mint on the pillow.

We are delighted to see how Hotelogix is able to provide value to small hotel business in diverse geographies across the globe. Hotelogix is gaining momentum and building channel partner network in the regions like North and South America. Hotelogix is all geared up to showcase its technology at the 40th HITEC convention at Baltimore from June 25 to 28. (Read more about HITEC:

A Trend in Hospitality

Hotelogix sees a lot of adoption in cloud technology in South America and is gearing up to release Hotelogix in Spanish and many more languages to get locally connected. It is a noticed trend in Latin America, where the infrastructure is still relatively underdeveloped, companies are seeing promising ROI and they understand the importance of cloud. As a result small companies are adopting cloud technology for efficient and effective business solutions.

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Product Update

  • The new release of Hotelogix 2.0 packed with new features and which is more robust, is now available for better business operations.
  • The new multilingual capability of Hotelogix, i.e. the release of Hotelogix in Spanish and many more languages to follow soon will enable us to connect locally in the non-English regions like South America.
  • More capability to serve international customers with in-built currency converter.

Industry News

• It is predicted that 2012 is marked as a year of continued recovery in global travel and tourism, primarily driven by emerging economies, despite the sovereign debt In Europe and the US.

• The expanding middle class and infrastructure improvements in emerging markets are expected to support tourism and hospitality growth in coming years.

Hotelogix in News

  • Hotelogix is all set to display at the World’s largest hospitality and technology show, Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) 2012. The 40th HITEC will be held in Baltimore Convention Centre from June 25 to 28, where Hotelogix will exhibit in booth no.2041.

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  • At HITEC, Hotelogix will unveil the new release Hotelogix 2.0 that is packed with new features and is more robust.
  • It is a pleasure to share that at HITEC, Hotelogix has been selected to be an official TechTour “Stop” for the session this year.
  • Hotelogix has acquired a new channel partner in Tanzania, Twireless co Ltd to give us local representation in that region.

Featured Client

Playa Koralia, situated in Santa Marta, North Colombia is an executive boutique resort with 19 private bungalows. It is located on the secluded stretch of the carribean  river. Koralia enjoys immense popularity among Latin American celebrities such as pop star Shakira and model Natalia Paris.

The manual system in use at Playa Koralia could not handle their rising business demands. Reservations could not be tracked or monitored, and with the growing guest list, management wanted better control over their Property, their payments, and other operational transactions.

Playa Koralia implemented Hotelogix PMS and Web booking engine and is now working on GDS connectivity. Hotelogix offered robust features for Hotel Management, along with integrated online reservations, anytime anywhere access benefit, and extensive operations management.

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Did you Know?

Hotelogix supports multi-currency, multi-property and is now multi lingualto reach the local target market in geographical locations like South America for easier business operations.

Hotelogix provides multi-currency in multiple location

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