CLOUD computing is being touted as the next big trend in the IT industry; so much so that it’s almost become the phrase du jour for the whole IT community. From the end user’s perspective, however nebulous it may sound, it’s not so fuzzy considering the value proposition it offers in terms of finance and management of a business enterprise.


Although there is a section of vendors and analysts who define cloud computing merely as an upgraded version of utility computing; simply put, virtual servers accessible on internet, it actually takes virtual server tools one step ahead, effectively allocating them with great deal of promptness and flexibility depending on the real time needs of different companies.


In the context of property management, solution implementation plays a critical role, both operationally and financially. With Indian and Chinese market exploding with growth, there are several chains that are planning to either open new hotels or acquire already existing ones there. Going by the challenges these regions pose in effective management of properties, there is no better way to equip them with necessary tools, than by configuring a new instance of every application in the cloud and thereafter providing the concerned property with online access to it.


Some more advantages offered by cloud computing are:
  • Quick adaptability without having to incur heavy capital expenditure on multiple servers and system interface
  • Centralized support with high level of expertise
  • Savings on maintenance costs
  • Simplicity of implementation and support
  • Greater levels of data and system security
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