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CLOUD Based Hotel Management Systems – Some Common Concerns

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
When it comes to CLOUD computing in hospitality businesses, most hotels have two major apprehensions in their day to day operations, connection loss and data security. Let’s throw some more light on these two critical aspects:


Data Security – Hotels are normally concerned about the vulnerability of their vital data, more so if it’s maintained off site. However, as against the common perception, in case of CLOUD computing, such critical data is even more secure on a dedicated server which would have stricter access restrictions, protection from different malware, better anti-virus software, regular data backups and software patch management. The hotel can have a non-disclosure, security and data safety contract signed with the vendor and take periodical backup of the data on its own servers as a contingency measure.


Connection Loss – Not being able to access the server when a tired guest is waiting to check-in is every hotel manager’s nightmare. This is another concern that many hotel managers have when it comes to opting for a CLOUD based Hotel Management System. However, it must be noticed that with the changing times, internet connectivity is no longer as it used to be a decade or even few years ago. High speed and internet access is more reliable and affordable than ever before. As a contingency measure, a hotel can have multiple internet connections from different vendors. Because of its ease of use, the system can even be accessed over phone.


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