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Hotelogix PMSIn the ever-changing technological world, it is imperative that companies not only just move with the times, but are actually two steps ahead. Software is constantly changing; getting updated and upgraded every second of the day.

Hotelogix is no different; we have a proactive support team who is constantly looking at new and improved ways on how to make our software better and ahead of the times.  The support and sales team are also taking regular feedback from our valued customers and implementing their constructive feedback on our various products.

Here are some of the latest product updates from Hotelogix that will delight you:

– TripConnect Search Option in Reservation List

Hotels that have subscribed to Hotelogix’s TripConnect Package can now track their bookings and see which reservations have come through TripConnect on their FrontDesk.

Benefit to Hotelier: Through this search option, hotels can quickly find out the number of bookings received through TripConnect and strategize their room pricing accordingly.

 – Occupancy History and Forecast

Get into the details of occupancy. With a new occupancy report added, hotels can   get monthly room occupancy details, room revenue and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for past and future dates. The history and forecast report goes in such minute detail that even information acquired from day use rooms, compensatory room bookings and ‘do not reserve’ rooms are taken into account.

Benefit to the Hotelier: This new addition will allow hoteliers to forecast occupancy trends based on analysis.

– POS Transfer to City Ledger Captured in Financial Reports

Guests using facilities at the hotel’s various POS can be captured through this feature and a report of the same can be maintained. The reports shall even go ahead to show whether the transactions were directly billed, billed to company or  billed to the Travel Agent.

Benefit to Hotelier: This new addition will help the hotelier to maintain reports easily and avoid any payment related confusion that arises during the check-out.

– Counter Close & Open Activity Tracked in Employee Wise Activity  Log

The log ensures that hotels are aware of the work done by each employee. Activities such as Reservations, Check-Ins, Check-Outs, Folios Generated, Accounts Consolidated, Payments taken, Opening and Closing of Cash Counters from FrontDesk and much more are recorded to display into employee wise logs as per the selected date range.

Benefit to Hotelier: This feature will help hotel owners and managers to track  activities performed on FrontDesk by each employee and shall motivate the  hotel’s  employees to work even harder.

– Country Added to Reports

Sales and marketing can now focus on country specific marketing by seeing which countries generate the maximum number of guests for them and during which dates.

Benefit to Hotelier: This new addition will help maintain guest records easily.

– KOT Order Prioritized

Directors of F&B throughout the world can now give a big sigh of relief; this feature shall drastically reduce the conflicts between the front of the house and  back of the house F&B team.

By default, KOT Order lists products in the same sequence they are added to the cart. But, with this feature, once orders have been generated, you can now set the  KOT Order priority.

Benefit to Hotelier: Through the click of a button, the ordering staff can prioritize the order and also indicate which dish or beverage needs to be prepared first and what the succession order should be.

– POS Access Password Protected

Security is something that Hotelogix takes extremely seriously, and even with extreme strict and rigid security settings we still go the extra step to enhance our   security even more.

With this add-on, access to POS is also password protected. This shall ensure that there is limited access to the various POS of the hotel and the users with access can  lock and unlock their screens with the pins provided to them.

Benefit to Hotelier: Hoteliers can avoid confusions that arise while maintaining  various POS accounts for guests. With this feature, hoteliers will be able to access their screens with their unique pins.

– GDS Packages Optimized

This feature shall improve the efficiency of the channel manager. Now only the rates and rules for active GDS packages would be synced with the channel manager. This shall ensure that unnecessary or expired details are not passed on  to the channel manager.

Benefit to Hoteliers: Hoteliers will be not have to go through the trouble of  removing the expired packages as the system will automatically pull out the newer packages.

– Customized Web Reservations

Guests can automatically include add-ons to their stay whilst making web reservations. This shall ensure that they have a truly personalized stay and have everything planned and arranged for them even before their arrival.  Hoteliers can give their guests an option to enter their preferences alongside bookings (room types, food preferences, medical history) in order to have a memorable  stay in their hotel.

Benefit to Hoteliers: This is a great feature for hotels to up-sell their other POS, as well as offer their guests an exclusive tailor made stay.

– Mobile Optimized Booking Engine

To be simple and user-friendly is what Hotelogix stands for. Nowadays, guests  enjoy making their bookings, personalizing their reservations, making any changes through their smartphone. With the newly featured mobile optimized booking engine, your hotel guests can make a reservation on-the-go.

Benefit to Hoteliers: According to HRS, half of all hotel reservations will be made via mobile devices by 2017. With this feature, your hotel will cater to a growing tribe of mobile bookers and help increase bookings.

We want to ensure that small and mid-sized hotels are well-equipped to manage their hotels and be visible in the global marketplace with simple and easy to use cloud based products.  These enhancements shall continue to grow and Hotelogix shall try their best to make sure that are always walking stride in stride if not leading the market by always reinventing themselves and their product.

What do you think about these feature upgrades? Would you like to see any other features in the PMS? Share your comments with us.