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Assured & instant ROI on hotel property management system


Cloud hotel property management system: The key to instant ROI for your hotel group

Cloud hotel property management system: The key to instant ROI for your hotel group

Every business uses return on investment (ROI) as a KPI to measure the profitability of certain expenditures. In this era of digitization, organizations are worried about their ROI when buying enterprise software, and the hotel industry is no exception to this. When investing in a hotel property management system (Hotel PMS), hotel groups must make many calculations. After all, it all boils down to one thing – how soon will the investment get us positive financial outcomes?

The only answer to your question is to make a wise and informed decision about upgrading to a new system – go for a cloud hotel management software. However, do thorough research about the potency of the software and some of these below-mentioned questions –

Will it lower my overall cost of software ownership?

Undoubtedly this should be your primary cause of concern. With a new-age cloud-based hotel management software, your overall IT investment will be significantly low as you don’t have to make any considerable upfront payment along with additional investment on costly servers. For example, Hotelogix Hotel PMS is hosted on a highly secured platform like Amazon Web Services. This not only slashes your investment on a server by 100%, but it also ensures 99.9% application uptime. Since you don’t have servers and other IT infrastructures, you also don’t need a dedicated IT team to manage them.

Another aspect in the context would be – you will save a lot on staff training. Hotelogix PMS is easy-to-use, and your staff can get going with it as soon as possible. You don’t need to spend further to get your team trained. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about software updates. Such updates happen automatically, and those are for free. So now, if you look at all these benefits, you will know that you will be able to lower your cost of Hotel PMS ownership with less CAPEX and OPEX.

Will it help increase my operational capabilities?

The hotel management system’s core capability is to automate end-end-end operations at your hotel chain. You can access the hotel management system and hotel position via a web browser or the mobile Hotel PMS version, anywhere and anytime. With Hotelogix, you can monitor your multiple properties from a single dashboard.

Leverage our Central Reservation System (CRO) to manage both online and offline reservations across all your member properties with a single sign-on. It also enables you to centrally manage travel agents and corporate profiles for all your properties. Increase occupancy and RevPAR while efficiently distributing rates across all your sales channels. The Hotel PMS also lets you gain access to guest profiles from across properties. This helps you understand their preferences so that you can serve them better to win over their loyalty.

Will it assist me in increasing occupancy?

You can witness this benefit in many ways. Hotelogix’s property management system gets integrated with several leading channel manager solutions. You can leverage the power of this integration to efficiently and flawlessly distribute rates and inventories of all your properties across multiple OTAs, GDSs, metaseacrh engines, and other sales channels. The point here is to ensure a real-time online distribution to help you sell more rooms to increase occupancy.

The Hotel PMS also integrates a booking engine that turns your hotel chain’s website and social media pages into potential platforms to generate maximum direct bookings. Since these bookings are coming via your own sales channels, you get to save a lot on booking commission.

Will it aid me in revenue management?

An enterprise-grade, comprehensive hotel property management system is capable of doing this too. It allows you to work with trusted revenue management solutions to set the correct room pricing at the right time over the right channel to sell it to the right guest. You can keep an eye on your competition pricing, local demand, and supply for an accurate forecast.

The system also helps you in moving away from static pricing. It empowers with a dynamic pricing model so that you can change room rates daily or hourly to make more out of your room revenue by adjusting in response to demand and supply. This combination of a Hotel PMS and a revenue management solution leads to increased occupancy along with an impressive growth in revenue.

Will it let me work with other third-party solutions critical to my multi-property operation?

Yes, it will. We clearly understand that you need a feature-rich Hotel PMS to take care of all your SOPs. That’s why we have integrated the application with an online reputation management solution to help you collect feedback from your guests, see reviews from across review sites. Not only this, with the business intelligence tool integration, you can view critical operational data from the Hotel PMS and your chain hotel’s group website. Analyze those data, create reports, and make informed decisions about your hospitality business.

Working with several other third-party solutions, including POS, loyalty and CRM, FnB, and accounting also becomes extremely easy and flawless with Hotelogix’s multi-property management solution.

By hosting our application on the cloud, we have considerably reduced the development cycle while gaining the flexibility to scale our infrastructures efficiently. This helps us empower you to run your multi-property operations resourcefully. You gain better management controls when you get to streamline processes across departments in all your member properties. This would boost your staff efficiency, room sales, occupancy, and revenue in a short period while assuring you an instant ROI.

​​Assured & instant ROI on hotel property management system