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And the winner is… Vanina Figueiras!


Vanina Figueiras, Hotelogix selfie winnerHotelogix recently held a contest on Twitter where the participants had to take a selfie with Hotelogix’s PMS and post it on Twitter. The winner would win an iPad with Retina Display (Specs: 16GB | WiFi | iOS 6 | 9.7” IPS Screen). (Read: Hotelogix Stirs The Selfie Craze)

Hotelogix is pleased to announce that Vanina Figueiras, Manager Hotel Arcos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the winner of our selfie contest.  Our internal panel of judges finalized on her selfie on the basis of the visual appeal, product visibility and the catchphrase used.

Vanina Figueiras has been a client of Hotelogix since 2013 and she has opted for Hotelogix’s property management system and distribution system. She was delighted on learning this and she had a few words to say about her victory.

“I have been a customer of Hotelogix since 2013. We use their property management system and online distribution system for our 27-room hotel in Mar del Plata, located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. This has allowed us to manage our hotel’s operations better and increase room bookings as well. I am very happy with the system and the 24/7 customer support provided to solve any queries.

My favorite feature of the Hotelogix PMS is without doubt, the Reports section because it is so exhaustive and tracks a lot of useful information. It gives me a list of multiple reports like daily revenue, everyday sales and POS purchases, reservation summary, guest history, tax, billing and more that is very useful for decision making. I find this to be a very powerful feature that helps us manage our hotel professionally.

When I got to know about the ‘Selfie with Hotelogix’ Contest on Twitter, I decided that since Hotelogix PMS has made my life so much easier, I should express my love for them too. I was also excited about the prize being offered – an iPad with Retina Display! I clicked a selfie by posing with my favorite section of the Hotelogix PMS – Reports! To make it look different, I made a collage of the selfie and the graphs of the reports. This is what I tweeted while posting it – #ILoveHotelogix – Reports are very useful for decision making, I have lot of useful information tracked.

I noticed that I was facing competition  as there were so many others like me posting their selfies. But, after a wait of about 15 days, I was delighted to get a message from Hotelogix that my Selfie was the best and I had won the iPad. I thank Hotelogix for choosing me as the winner and for also continuing to provide such incredible service.”

Hotelogix would also take this opportunity to congratulate all the other participants who showed their interest and love for our system. Our team feels special and would like to thank everyone who participated. Unfortunately, there could be only one winner but don’t worry as we would be coming up with many more contests. Till then, keep checking this space for more information.