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Advantages of Cloud Based Solutions for Multi-Property Hospitality Businesses


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Not all multi-property hotels or hospitality businesses are part of large and renowned international chains which have sufficient financial and human resources. Nowadays there are numerous domestic as well as international small and mid-sized hotel chains which have multiple properties. And with the right technology and PMS these multi-property hotels can create and maintain their own foothold in the global marketplace.

Cloud based property management and distribution systems are an asset for any hotels, especially for small and mid-sized hospitality businesses, and multi-property hotels are no exceptions. Cloud based hospitality solutions enables a multi-property owner to manage and control their chain in an efficient manner and at the same time help them maximize their ROI.

So what advantages do cloud based solutions offer to multi property hotels?

Better Control on Group Operations: group properties can be centrally controlled through a Super Admin. Thus rooms rates, inventory, reservations for multiple properties can all be controlled centrally. thereby drastically minimizing IT infrastructure, training requirements and set up costs required for each individual properties.

Instant Access to Group Properties MIS : owners can generate reports in an instant for their individual properties as well as information for all the properties as a group enabling them to make better and swifter business decisions. No more waiting around for individual properties reverting back to the owners with their individual reports and then having to compile them, all the required information is available on the cloud.

Better Revenue Management : Rate management and distribution for the group properties can be done centrally from a single point.

Enhance Guest Experience: Enrich brand loyalty by capturing and sharing customer preferences and behavioral trends across group properties so that a customer can feel at home at any of the groups’ properties that he visits.

Significant Cost Savings:  Since properties can be controlled centrally there are numerous ways in which a group would save costs: IT infrastructure, manpower, training costs, set up costs, costs saved when adding new properties. All these costs would be significantly lower since each individual property would not require a separate PMS to be set up.

Hotels can be Accessed from Anywhere and Anytime: An owner can access all or any of his properties from any part of the world as long as he has internet access since all the information is available on the cloud.

These are just some of the many advantages of using cloud based solutions for multi property hotels. Hotelogix through their experience of working with small and mid-sized hotels in over 60 countries has seen, that their cloud based PMS and distribution systems have helped maximized benefits for multi-property hotels by means of better business management, increased revenue and profit and significant cost savings!!! What else could a hospitality business want?