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Advantages of a Cloud-Based Channel Manager



Keeping track of countless offshoots that run in a scattered pattern can be mind-numbingly difficult. With so many channels to promote your property on, it can be hard to keep them organized and on the same page. With a channel manager, organizing and tracking open rooms and bookings is much easier, but there is still room for improvement. The stress of the world will lift off your shoulders and you will feel weightless when you switch to a cloud-based channel manager. This effortless technology will carry the burden of timely, efficient and fully-integrated channel management.

Upgrading to the latest tech isn’t just for show. It may make you look more professionally savvy, but it is undeniably practical as well. There is no delay in updates with cloud managers. With cloud-based technology, you are connected to the Web where the channels are located. These updates go live instantly across all platforms so there are no rate parity issues or inconsistencies that would reflect poorly on your property. When inquiries or bookings are placed, they will be reflected in your connected property management system so there are fewer risks of double bookings or over bookings. With the channels connected online, for the most efficient communication, hoteliers should use the same medium: cloud-based Web connection.

The advantages of a cloud-based channel manager are invaluable. There is no instillation or overhead cost and it streamlines your front desk operations. This one switch could revolutionize your property management operations. With a 2-way interface, automatic updating, ease of access and eliminated losses a cloud-based channel manager is a smart business move.