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Addressing Common Concerns of Adopting a Cloud PMS over Legacy System

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As a hotel owner, we understand that customer satisfaction and maximizing revenue are at the forefront of your concerns and decision-making. In using a cloud based PMS, both of these factors can be addressed simultaneously to produce lasting results for the success of your property. It can be difficult for some hotel owners to make such a big shift from their old management platform, but the simplicity and effectiveness of our PMS provides many incentives to make the switch. Here, we outline some common questions that property owners have when looking to switch their management systems – we hope that our answers will provide helpful insights for your decision-making process.

Why should I make the change? What’s wrong with my current system?

There are many reasons to consider switching to a cloud based PMS in favor of a legacy management system. A cloud based PMS is much less expensive and labor intensive over time. For the busy and dynamic lifestyle of a hotel owner or manager, a cloud based system offers unlimited mobility and access to all functions remotely. This is an unparalleled advantage that a cloud based system has over legacy systems, and this feature can help address any issues in real time. Additionally, the cloud based system can generate reports from multiple properties, rather than being limited to just one.

How will adopting a cloud based PMS impact the financial performance of my property?

Utilization of a cloud based PMS is proven to have a significant positive impact on a property’s ROI. This can manifest in several different ways:

– Hoteliers will see a major reduction in IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, freeing up resources to allocate to other areas of the property

– Improved overall efficiencies across the board due to integration of all tasks will help maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty

– Increase in competitiveness through integration with online hotel room distribution systems

How do I go about making the transition from my current management system to the cloud?

Our cloud service provides a seamless transition within 2 to 4 days that will not impact your operations. All of your data will remain secure throughout the transition and during your utilization of our cloud PMS. All contracts with existing sales channels will remain the exact same, but will just be switched to an automated format. The easy-to-use interface is designed for the understanding of all staff members and does not require extensive training. (Also read: Busting the Myths of Cloud PMS)

It is clear that there are many advantages and results to be obtained from adopting a cloud based Property Management System.

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