Revive your hotel business

A How-To-Guide To Bring Your Hotel Business Back On Track


A How-To-Guide To Bring Your Hotel Business Back On Track

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the hotel industry upside down. The industry was all set to welcome 2020 with new plans, emerging travel trends, and revenue strategies. But who would’ve imagined that everything would go abysmal and the industry would come to stand still?

It’s been months but all eyes are still on the COVID-19. However, there’s good news – the travel and hotel industry are starting to open up and recovery is still possible. All you have to do is adjust strategies and craft a strong recovery roadmap.

In this article, we are going to list some of the things that you must keep in mind to get your hotel business back on track.

Connect With Your Past And Future Guests

Even though most hotels around the world have started their business, there are hotels that are still closed. But does that mean they should completely give up and keep waiting? No!

While your hotel is closed and all the operations are on halt, you must turn to marketing to stay connected with your past and future guests.

How to do so? By producing content! Get highly active on social media, drop emails, and also, produce content such as blogs that delivers value and helps in maintaining a strong brand relationship.

Focus On Improving Your Online Reputation

People get highly influenced by others and if there are a significant amount of ‘not so good’ reviews about your hotel, you are likely to lose out on revenue. Pay sincere attention to what people are saying. It will help you understand whether you are keeping up with your customers’ expectations, and if you are lacking something, you can also go about working on it.

Hotelogix provides hotels with one of the most powerful hotel tech solution, and its online reputation management system just makes things really simple for hotels.

Create multiple surveys for gathering constructive feedback at different stages of the guest journey. Also, you can automate the entire review collection process.

Promote Your Safety Measures

Cleanliness and hygiene are one of the top factors behind every hotel’s success. Even before COVID-19 pandemic, people have always been concerned about it. And now, the emphasis is much more – it is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Be very clear about the types of safety measures that you have in place. Talk on your site, social media handles, blog, basically wherever possible, about your social distancing and cleaning strategies. Let people know what you are doing to keep them safe.

So, is your property clean, safe, and sanitized? If so, let your guests know about it.

Target Corporate Travelers

While some people who would normally be travelling for pleasure are now staying at home, but the same is not true of business travellers. While some business travel has slowed, there is still the need for corporate travel. Some might be travelling to work in a new location, while others might need to have a face to face meeting or provide an inspection of a facility. They need places to stay, and you can market directly to this group.

Focus On Millennial Travellers As Well

Millennials are eager to get back out and explore the world post-COVID episode. It’s not that they are not concerned about their safety, but they are more desiring of unique experiences. Also, there are reports that suggest that millennials are expected to be the first to start travelling once the impact of COVID lessens.

So, targeting this group of travellers would definitely place you in a better position when it comes to reviving your hotel business.

Adopt Contactless Technologies

Contactless technologies are essential currently because of the social distancing norms, but they will likely become a part of the new normal going forward as well.

Many guests will not want to have contact with anyone when they arrive at the hotel. They would certainly not want to stand in a line with other people or come face to face with staff during check-in or check-out. With the right contactless technology like that offered by Hotelogix, it is possible.

With Hotelogix Contactless Hospitality Suit, you can still run a great hotel without compromising social distancing. Guests can bypass the front desk entirely and go right to their rooms. They can check-in, choose their room, access the room, and check-out with as little contact with other people as possible. Also, there are payment integrations and automated feedback that will make the process fast and simple.

Adopt Mobile Hotel Solutions

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, people who were running and managing hotels wanted to have a smarter and better way of overseeing their property. And this where a mobile Hotel PMS like Hotelogix comes into the picture.

With the Hotelogix Mobile Hotel PMS, you will not only be able to manage all of your guest operations efficiently but also provide a safe environment at your property. The app allows you to have the same level of access that you would have with a desktop solution, so no compromises are being made.

The Hotelogix mobile PMS platform is so strong that it makes things easier for the guests, the staff, and the management of the hotel.

  • Make check-in and check-out at the hotel superfast
  • Create a safe environment for your guests and staff
  • Make point of sale orders are easier
  • Have better coordination and safety while dealing with the hotel staff
  • And more…

Turn To Systems That Offers A Complete Hotel Solution

Hotels use different systems through a guest’s lifecycle, from pre-booking to post-checkout stages, which then require integration of various systems leading to high costs, broken experience, delayed implementation, and fragmented support. Worst still, it leaves guests with sub-optimal stay experience.

While there’s a business crunch in the hotel industry, and while hotels around the world are trying to revive their business, you cannot afford to put in a lot of capital on different systems.

This is where PMS providers like Hotelogix come into the picture. Hotelogix provides the most powerful, full-stack hospitality solution to hotels worldwide. With our offerings, we mark the radical beginning of a new era of hospitality solutions that will now be re-imagined and delivered by an integrated platform which will cover operations, distribution, reputation, marketing automation, and guest-facing technologies.

We at Hotelogix understand the pain of the situation and to help hotels cope and revive their business, we are offering value at a price point that aligns with the current state of the industry.

You can now get Hotelogix PMS and all the necessary tools to bring your hotel business back on track @ 85% off. Also, we work with you closely and ensure that your occupancy levels up.

Bottom Line

The COVID-19 has not shown any sort of mercy on the hospitality industry. However, the hospitality industry has gone through many crises before and recovered. The truth is the pandemic is temporary, there’s a silver lining – the industry is getting back on its feet.

Finding creative approaches to have more with less is the key. Incorporate strategies and solutions that not only help you revive your business but also helps you manage unknown risks, strike a healthy work-life balance, and have meaningful guest engagements.

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