Increase Your Hotel’s Occupancy

7 Tips To Increase Your Hotel’s Occupancy With A Competent Cloud-based Hotel PMS


7 Tips To Increase Your Hotel’s Occupancy With A Competent Cloud-based Hotel PMS

2021 is predicted to be a pivotal year for the hospitality industry. Most countries have successfully managed to control the spread of the coronavirus. The success of hotels will largely depend on our capabilities as an industry to adapt, innovate, and upgrade ourselves.

Increasing hotel occupancy is the first thing a hotelier should think of in terms of recovery. A good first-step is upgrading your hotel technology, specifically, your property management system to a cloud-based hotel PMS.

If you’re wondering how a piece of tech can help you fill rooms, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you understand how investing in the right cloud-based hotel PMS system is the first step to a full-house.

1. Give Attractive Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal. Studies show that 93% of consumers use either discounts, deals or promo codes annually.

Hotelogix’s cloud-based PMS software allows you to customize your discounts and promo codes.

Within the PMS itself, we have four types of discounts that can be configured:

  • Special Discounts
  • Early Bird Discounts
  • Long Stay Discounts
  • Last Minute Discounts

Promo codes and unlock deals can be applied directly through the web booking engines or at the front desk. These offers can be made exclusive to select guests- either loyal guests or VIP guests.

In addition, discounts can be directly applied during payment, to make your guests feel extra special during check-out.

Given the present circumstances, travelers are likely to choose hotels that fit within their budgets. Create promo codes and discounts that will benefit not just your guests but also your hotel with a much-needed boost in revenue.

2. Curate Personalized Packages

Giving too many back to back discounts can be counterproductive.

Consumers usually prefer to opt for more rather than paying less. Consider offering more value rather than just cutting down on price. Packages allow you to mask your room rates with other value-based products that leave guests feeling like they’re getting a lot more than they’re paying for.

For example, you can personalize packages for your VIP guests based on their preferences from previous visits. Corporate packages can include free super fast wifi, a massage in your spa, or conveyance from-and-to the airport.

Customizing packages to specific audiences will make your customers feel seen and appreciated.

Hotelogix’s versatile cloud-based hotel PMS allows you to create numerous personalized packages that will keep your guests coming back for more.

3. Promote Guest Safety

A recent study conducted by concluded that if a hotel doesn’t possess the required cleanliness standards guests are likely to overlook it.

It is no longer enough to be superficially clean. Clinical levels of hygiene are expected.

Hotels need to redefine their SOPs to maintain exceptional hygiene standards. Nothing is as important to guests as a clean and safe space.

Staff can ensure safety by avoiding the circumstances that encourage the spread of the virus through the 3 Cs- crowds, close contact, and close spaces.Furthermore, proper preventive measures to the spread of COVID-19- social distancing, hand sanitization, and wearing masks should always be maintained.

But, is this enough?

Adopt contactless methods to run hotel operations.

Update hotel technology using a cloud-based PMS system to facilitate contactless check-in and check-out, online payment methods, contactless methods to accept ID proof, remote access to hotel departments, contactless training for staff, and automation will help keep both staff and guests safe.

You also need to be vocal about your precautionary measures. Let potential guests know about all the precautions taken to ensure their well-being.

4. Reward Loyalty

While getting new guests is a priority in hotels, it is very important that we don’t forget our existing patrons.

Loyalty programs are considered one of the easiest approaches to increasing repeat business which in turn increases occupancy and therefore revenue.

For example, you could:

  • Offer repeat guests their own login details with specially designed packages and offers.
  • Maintain cumulative reward points that can be exchanged for a product or service.
  • Offer to send guests special discounts or promo codes for special days- like anniversaries or birthdays.

Loyalty can also be promoted by remembering guest preferences, or even small details like their favorite flavor of ice cream, preferred wine, or allergies, and catering to these specific details.

An easy way to manage guest information and personalize experiences would be through an efficient cloud-based hotel PMS. Manage loyalty programs easily through expert third party integrations, create and manage a large database of (GDPR compliant) guest information, note down guest preferences, create custom packages and offers for VIP guests, manage separate consoles for corporate guests and VIP guests, and so much more to ensure unmatched guest satisfaction.

5. Use Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing is a very effective tool to make guests aware of the offers and packages available.

Send out emails to past guests to advertise special offers, packages, or exclusive discounts. Make your offers seem irresistible with a customer limit.

Additionally, offer your guests some interesting add-ons or amenities that are exclusive to guests booking through the link/code in the email. These add-ons can be anything from a free-meal to free-service at the spa, yoga center, personal gym assistant, etc.

Promote events happening in or around your property- a music festival, a cultural festival, or even a conference held at your hotel- to add to the allure of staying at your hotel. You may also want to throw in free merchandise or provide the exact itinerary of these events.

Opt for a reliable email marketing partner to smooth the delivery of your marketing campaigns.

Get Mail Chimp integration with the Hotelogix cloud-based PMS software.

6. Implement a Well-Planned Pricing Strategy

Times have been tough and most hotels aren’t making as much as they used to. While many properties have been selling inventory at very low prices, this strategy is more harmful than helpful in the long haul.

Adopt smart pricing strategies based on trends, occupancy, and other data-driven factors to make smart decisions.

Hotel pricing should be low enough to be attractive and affordable, but not so low that it causes damage to hotel property, reputation, and the hospitality industry overall. Room pricing should be able to cover costs and still make a profit for your property.

A good cloud-based hotel PMS should offer a robust collection of reports that will help you make smart decisions with respect to hotel pricing. Furthermore, it should offer you flexibility in pricing across channels, seasons, packages, high days, and so on.

With the Hotelogix cloud-based PMS, get the added advantage of automated dynamic pricing. With the dynamic pricing strategy, hotels can define pricing according to occupancy (higher occupancy gives lower discounts and vice versa).

7. Maintain Good Reviews

Online reviews are one of the key factors that influence customer decisions.

According to SiteMinder, 72% of guests value online ratings over a hotel’s brand value. This means that no matter how exceptional your service, or how renowned your hotel, if the online reviews aren’t great then you’re unlikely to be filling rooms very fast.

Engage guests online- actively reading and responding to guests’ reviews online make guests feel like they are important.

Reply to queries by prospective guests, thank guests for good reviews, and don’t be afraid to deal with negative feedback. How you respond to unfavourable reviews shows guests that you care about them and that you take your business and service very seriously.

Be polite, professional, and consistent in your communication.

Many cloud-based hotel PMS offer the required third-party integrations that will help you with online reputation management. Read and respond to guests’ reviews across sites from one single dashboard.

Increasing occupancy, improving guest experience and seamless management of hotel operations can be a breeze with an all-in-one solution like the Hotelogix cloud-based hotel PMS.

Get the Hotelogix advantage and revive your business without breaking a sweat.