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6 reasons why you must adopt Hotelogix Mobile App for hotels

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

Significance of mobile apps in hospitality industry

Mobile hotel apps are indeed redefining the guest experience. As customer service holds utmost value in the hotel industry, the necessity to engage, interact and attract is vital. Guests are looking for convenience at their fingertips. The significance of mobile hotel apps has grown rapidly in the recent times with more and more hotels turning to them.

The good news is, mobile apps in the hotel industry help make a difference for not only guest experience or management but also for transactions.

Here are the details as per statistics mentioned in the Travel Flash report by Criteo–

  1. 1. Up to 80% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices
  2. 2. The conversion rate on app is 5 times higher than on mobile web

That’s saying a lot! Welcome to the new era of mobile apps in the hospitality industry.

The world is going mobile and if you haven’t yet upgraded your hotel to one, let’s find out why you need to do it, now!

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Hotels

With the Hotelogix Mobile app for Hotels, you can carry out a good chunk of your day-to-day activities from the convenience of your smartphone. Some of the most important things that you can manage from the Hotelogix Mobile app PMS for hotels are:

  • You can view all the KPIs of your hotel in one-view so you always stay on top of your business
  • It allows your staff to manage operations better because they are always connected to the PMS, even if on a break!
  • Check guests in or out from the convenience of your mobile phone.
  • Manage multiple POS outlets from your Hotelogix mobile apps for hotels. There is something in it for everyone.

Now, let’s dive into the benefits that await you when you sign up for the Hotelogix Mobile app.

Picture this: A guest who has had a long journey would find filling up forms at the front desk a tedious task. Waiting near the front desk, to submit ID proofs before check-in is a time-consuming thing which many guests would not like. The hotel industry therefore must constantly evolve to ensure that guest satisfaction is at the top of the agenda.

Would a visitor book a room at your property for the second visit? The key lies in creating a smooth experience. Today’s guests expect to use their smartphones to perform a variety of tasks including hotel bookings, check-ins and more.

Mobile App for Hotels help create a personal connect:

Hotel management apps are a direct connection between the guests and the hotel. All your guest needs to do is to use the smartphone and open the mobile hotel app to check-in to the hotel. The mobile app for hospitality industry provides notifications in seconds with information related to room check-in, welcome message, booking details, places to visit, and more. The smartphone can also give direct access to the room without the need to stop by at the front desk. An app being more personal, allows your hotel staff to connect with guests directly and manage requests smoothly.

Mobile Apps for hotel industry help with real-time communication

A hotel management app gives you the chance to send direct push notifications. You can use the app to build a robust communication channel that keeps guests updated about the property’s offers, deals, and more. Guests seeking to upgrade rooms or book an additional one can find the relevant information right in the app. This acts as a multi-channel communication tool where in guests can place their requests, order food and do much more.

Mobile apps for hotels help engage with better guests engagement

Brand loyalty is one of the ways to ensure you have a steady stream of repeat visitors. Use the mobile hotel app to allow bookings, and to offer instant loyalty program rewards. You can seek guest feedback that gives you a window to improve your hotel’s performance. Technology here, is useful to engage guests, serve them better and ensure they remain loyal to your hotel with a focus on driving direct bookings, and repeat business.

For e.g.: members of the Hilton loyalty program can find and book rooms at over 5,000 Hilton properties worldwide from the in-app promotions. A “digital key” function allows guests to access their rooms bringing in convenience to their smartphones.

Mobile apps for hotels help boost efficiency of staff:

The significance of mobile apps is definitely large for guest satisfaction. But, how can you ensure faster and prompt guest service? Mobile apps are the perfect tool for your staff to carry out requests, keep an eye on the administration, review bookings, check Point-of-Sale billings, and carry out a host of tasks via a central dashboard. A mobile app would easily help you find out pending guest requests that need immediate action. In short, you can mobile enable your staff to increase their productivity.

Mobile apps for hotel industry empower you with detailed analytics

With a hotel mobile app in place, your hotel’s top-level managers can get quick access to detailed reports. The app lets you to speed up your hotel operations with detailed view of hotel position, no matter if you are on the go. You can use the analytics to understand what guests want, where you need to improve, your peak seasons, and more.

Mobile apps for Hospitality industry helps with language adoption

Often, international travelers face issues when they travel to regions whose language is unknown to them. A mobile hotel app that is available in a language preferred by your guest, creates a positive impact. This feature can act as a USP for your guest to book a room at your property for the next visit!

Significance of mobile apps in hospitality industry