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5 Reasons Why your Hotel Needs a Blog


Benefits of blogging for hotelsEverything from your brand visibility with search engines to your credibility with guests is affected by your property’s blog – or lack thereof. Content marketing has become one of the biggest and most powerful trends in the marketing world. While blogs are relatively inexpensive to maintain, they can be a huge draw to your website. A successful blog can gain repeat customers, be the tipping point for a potential customer or expose your property to someone who would not have found it otherwise.

There are many benefits of blogs to your website – blogs can increase your hotel’s ranking on Google, it gives your guests a better idea of what to expect from your hotel, highlights special offers or packages to increase bookings, directs people to and from your social media accounts, helps create a strong presence in market and most importantly plays a crucial role in bringing in new customers.

So, before you sit to write a blog post you need to understand what the benefits of blogging can be for your hotel. Let’s start by looking at top 5 benefits of blogging:

Blogs can bring new customers: Believe it or not, blogs are a great way to get new customers to your website. A blog brings in different set of customers and it also encourages visitors to keep returning for new blog content. Blogs are a great way to attract visitors who use search engines for information on specific hotels, therefore, making your website a reliable source for new customers.

Blogs keep your website fresh on content: If you churn out fresh content regularly via blogs then your website will surely find its way up in Google’s rankings. Search engines usually look for fresh and interesting content and if you stop publishing it then your website will become stagnant and your rankings will automatically decrease. So, blogs work as a rescue mechanism to keep your site fresh and content rich.

Blogs help create an identity: Blogs are the easiest way to create a strong identity in the hospitality industry. If you don’t post any information then you don’t even exist in the market. Therefore, use blogs to your fullest advantage to share all hotel related information and create a strong identity for your brand in the market.

Blogs help develop relationships: Since people are growing to be net savvy, most guests prefer to post their queries through the comment section on blogs rather than calling up the hotel or sending mails. So you can build relations with your guests through blogs by answering their queries through blogs. Another benefit is that if you answer a popular question then it will become easier for others who are looking for the same question on search engines. In essence, you’re providing an answer not to just one person but many others.

Blogs showcase your company’s highlights: If you wish to highlight a special promotion or a new deal, you may not have an ideal spot to put this information directly. Blogs are the best way you can communicate with your guests by telling them about your new offerings and services. Also, search engines will index them in their list of results for people looking for information. Blogs are a great platform to stockpile all the information you want to share.

These are just the basic benefits of blogging. Blogging can be quite rewarding for your hotel business. Most importantly, blogs are a way to humanize your brand globally. In the hospitality industry, it is extremely important for your readers to feel like they are comfortable with you and that they can connect with your property. (Also read: 7 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Hotel)

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