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The hospitality industry comprises several types of properties and managing each one comes with its own set of challenges. For example, a typical day at a bed & breakfast place is certainly very different from a 3-star hotel. Sure, in principle they all fall under the broader category of “accommodations”, but they are as different as chalk and cheese. And for reasons we will discuss in just a bit, resort property management can easily be labelled as one of the most challenging tasks(if not THE most!). Why would that be the case, you ask? Here are just a few reasons why:

1) Heavy dependence on seasons

2) High reliability on POS for revenue

3) No guarantee for occupancy rates

These may be just three challenges faced by resorts across the globe, but in the big picture, these issues add up to huge consequences. This being the case, how can resorts stay profitable in the long run?

By investing in a smart cloud-based Property Management System. Say hello to Hotelogix.

Hotelogix has been a favorite among resorts across the world. Over the years, we’ve understood that a Resort Management System needs to be robust yet flexible at the same time. And that is exactly what Hotelogix is.
We are feature-rich cloud-based Resort property management solution, which empowers resorts to overcome their challenges and make the most of the cloud.

1) Packages:

With Hotelogix, you have complete flexibility to tailor your packages as per the requirement of your guest. Be it for travel agents, corporates, individual guests, and no matter what- you can customize the package to the exact need of your guest. This is what makes Hotelogix a very solid competitor for the title of the best resort PMS.

2) Channel Manager Connectivity:

A lot of resort owners decide to tie up with channel managers to connect with OTAs. Yes, this opens up more windows of opportunities for them. But, they stand to gain a lot more if they have a Resort Property Management System in place which connects to a channel manager.

Why is this important? Well, because among other things it makes the online resort reservation process so much simpler and effective. The channel manager connectivity with the PMS makes sure all bookings that come in via OTAs get reflected on your PMS. Not just that, it also updates your inventory and rates across all connected OTAs in real-time, doing away with any potential overbooking hassles.

3) Unlimited POS outlets:

One of the fundamental differences between a hotel and a resort is the fact that resorts include several POSs which form part of their revenue. With Hotelogix Resort Management System, you get to define unlimited POS outlets- Be it your restaurant, coffee shop, activity center, spa, gym or just about anything. Resort Property Management doesn’t get any more inclusive than with Hotelogix as you get to track an unlimited number of POS on a single dashboard.

4) Integrated Resort Property Management Solution:

From managing your online resort reservations, frontdesk operations, housekeeping, all your POS outlets, to just about everything relating to your resorts operations, Hotelogix has you covered. We offer 100+ reports to stay on top of things. We also easily integrate with multiple systems to give you a resort management system that is all-inclusive- payment gateways, channel managers, GDSs, Business Intelligence, revenue management, review management, and lots more.

5) Anytime-Anywhere access:

Move over legacy system. The cloud is here, and here to stay. The legacy system is a compromise when compared to all the convenience and efficiency offered by the cloud-based PMS. No matter where you are headquartered, how many properties you have spread across the world or where you are at any given point in time- a cloud-based resort management system offers you the luxury of having all the data in the palm of your hands. All you need is connectivity to the internet and voila!

This article was originally published in HospitalityNet

resort property management system