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5 Burdens Hoteliers Can Get Rid of, With a Mobile Hotel PMS App

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

How a mobile hotel pms app helps hoteliers

One of the greatest gifts that technology has given the world is the gift of being capable to work smarter as opposed to harder. It has given us the option to attain greater efficiency with lesser effort. And in the hospitality sector, one of the biggest boons of technology in the recent past has got to be the hotel management apps, especially hotel mobile PMS.

For hoteliers across the globe, Mobile PMS has drastically changed the way their hotel functions. The amount of flexibility and convenience it offers is unparalleled. If switching from the traditional on-premise system to a cloud-based Hotel PMS made your life easier, you’d be ecstatic to find out how much more effortless your hotel operations can get with a Hotel Mobile app. With that being established, let’s get straight to the point. Here are 5 burdens you will no longer face, as a hotelier, thanks to a hotel mobile PMS.

1. The burden of long and tiring processes

Ok. How long does the check-in process normally take at your hotel? Unless your answer is “under 3 minutes”, you need a Mobile PMS in your hotel right away. Typically, check-ins take anywhere between 10-20 minutes and this is no longer how you should do it. A Mobile Hotel PMS makes this entire process so much more efficient because in just a few clicks, you can check a guest in and have them shifted to their room. This can go a long way in defining their experience because what more could a guest who has had a long and tiring journey expect!
But this isn’t the only reason why your hotel needs a mobile PMS. Hotel mobile apps also help in lots of other areas of operations such as managing arrivals, departures, communication between housekeeping and frontdesk, inventory distribution, etc. All these otherwise tedious tasks can be done in a jiffy, thanks to a hotel mobile app.

2. The burden of not having data accessible in one place

This problem is as common as it is serious. We have all been there at one point or the other, but we know that there is a lot at stake when we don’t have a centralized approach to hotel data. Be it guest information, your reservations, cancellations, tasks for housekeeping, or just about anything to do with your hotel- you will never again have to wonder where or how you can gain access to them once you have a Mobile hotel PMS in place.

Apart from centralized access to all important hotel related data, you also have transparency, which is another battle you win parallelly. All your staff (who have accesses) will be able to view data that is relevant to them without having to wait for a task to be delegated to them. Operational excellence becomes easier to attain, with a Mobile PMS handy.

3. The burden of not having access to hotel data on the go

Imagine this! You are out of town on an important business meeting and just then there is a possible crisis that your hotel staff calls you about. You have no idea what is happening, and you will have to wait until a few days/hours later till you get back to your hotel to know how to go about resolving it! Scary, isn’t it!

What’s worse? Having an on-premise system which restricts you so severely that you will have to be in your hotel to access to your hotel data. And god forbid, you are experiencing a down-time which cuts you off from the data until it gets resolved!

This shouldn’t be the way you run your hotel because there are smarter ways of dealing with this now. Invest in a Mobile Hotel PMS that allows you access to your PMS no matter where you are. You will have everything you need in the palm of your hand, literally, on your mobile phone.

Sidenote: With a cloud-based PMS you won’t have to worry about downtime or about not having access to your data. But that’s a discussion for another day!

4. The burden of not being able to deliver value to your guests

By embracing smarter ways to work, you open so many windows of opportunities. A simple decision of investing in a Mobile Hotel PMS can bring in a multitude of advantages for you. Your staff will save a lot of time. You will be less occupied by trivial tasks that can get time-consuming and exhausting. And with the amount of man-hours saved in this process, you can take your guest experience to the next level and make that your competitive edge.

The importance of mobile PMS in hotels is undeniable. Even more so, when it comes to delivering best-in-class guest experience. We’ve already seen how a check-in process can be simplified to a great extent with a mobile hotel app. It eliminates unnecessary delays and helps guests get done with otherwise long and tiring formalities in no time! And that is just the beginning of how mobile hotel apps can help you redefine your guests’ experience.

With several operational processes streamlined and automated with a mobile PMS, you deliver a smooth and seamless guest experience for them throughout their stay. What’s not to love about such a stay!

Collecting guest data also becomes more easy with a mobile hotel PMS. And hotel guest data, as you would agree, is a treasure trove if you are looking to build guest loyalty.

5. The burden of rigidity and inefficiency

How does a mobile PMS improve hotel efficiency and promotes flexibility, you ask? We’ll tell you.

First, a Mobile hotel app gives you the freedom of flexibility with its anytime-anywhere access feature.

You need this flexibility, as a hotelier, to make sure that you are always on top of things, without having to be present physically. From reports to inventory management- you get to see everything in real-time with a few clicks. Since most processes are automated in a cloud PMS setup, you will save on a lot of time. The amount of time you and your staff save can be dedicated to other, more fruitful activities.

And here’s how a mobile PMS improves hotel efficiency- Managers can monitor staff performances, keep track of operations which can help them give better instructions to their staff. Inter-departmental communications are more transparent and so chances of miscommunications are minimized. The frontdesk can take notes for housekeeping to look after, arrange for pickups and drops for the travel desk, and all of this is recorded on the system. Having information at your fingertips is both convenient as well as empowering. There is no scope for error!

How a mobile hotel pms app helps hoteliers