why your hotel needs mobile pms

Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyone’s life, both professionally and personally. They play the role of a catalyst between the user and the world they live in. In the hospitality industry, even though guests have been enjoying the benefits of smartphones, Hoteliers are usually restricted to workstations for much of their operations. But things are changing for good. Hoteliers today, can make use of Mobile Hotel PMS and Hotel management Apps to cater to their guests with utmost ease.

Here are 3 solid reasons for Hoteliers to adopt Mobile Hotel PMS-

  1. 1. You have complete control over your property and its management, anytime and anywhere-

    A smart hotel management app makes optimizing all hotel operations possible, even on the go. Just installing the app on your mobile, allows you to oversee and manage your hotel operations on the go! Be it check-ins or controlling your reservations, you can do it all from anywhere in the world.

    You can respond to guest queries and requests faster and on-the-go. As a hotelier, you have too many tasks that need attention at the same time. You might be needed at too many places at the same time too. Managing all these tasks can be done efficiently and simultaneously in just a couple of clicks on Hotel mobile app.

  2. 2. Access to relevant reports required for decision making, is much easier-

    As a Hotelier, you are required to make major decisions concerning your property. And these decisions are based on the facts and statistics on your reports. Mobile hotel PMS allows you to access these important reports, anytime and anywhere.

    Not just that, mobile hotel PMS will also help you efficiently track guest data. You can use this data for working on your pricing and marketing strategies.

    Hotelogix empowers you with more than 100+ reports, from which you can choose the ones you want in your inbox at specified intervals.

  3. 3. It will allow you to customize guest experiences, which is a benefit for both you and your guests-

    Ensuring a flawless front desk experience plays a vital role in influencing a guest’s impression about your property. Subsequently, a smooth check-out procedure ensures successful completion of guests cycle. Having a Mobile Hotel Management App will empower the employees to do check-ins and check-outs without having to depend on a workstation. They can also accept payments and make new reservations on their mobile devices.

    Revenue management plays a big role in today’s competitive world where time is money. Hoteliers need the power of managing their rates instantly with ease. They can check availability, gauge on the events happening around their property and then decide to customize deals and packages.

    Mobile Hotel PMS ensures optimization of work within all departments of your property. More importantly, mobile devices are cheaper than installation of traditional workstations.

    So what’s stopping you from having an edge over your competitors?

why your hotel needs mobile pms