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10 reasons why Hotelogix is the best PMS for your hotel

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

Hotelogix has completed 10 years

It’s been a decade of empowering hoteliers with the best property management system and we, at Hotelogix are in no mood to stop! The celebrations began early last month as our company completed 10 years on March 14th, 2018. Interestingly, March 14, also known as Pi Day, that coincides with Albert Einstein’s date of birth. During the last decade, Hotelogix has grown into a trusted technology partner for hotels operating across 100 plus countries.

As our diverse teams manage our vast client portfolio spread across the globe, the Hotelogix family continues to work with a focus on customer excellence. Hotelogix is instrumental in introducing the best practices in SaaS to the global hospitality industry. In 2010, the company released the first ever ‘Try & Buy’ model by clearly displaying its pricing on its website to help hoteliers make buying decisions without worrying about any hidden costs. Our focus has been “Smart Hoteliering on the go.”

Our celebrations began in Goa where every team member attended the two-day long event to celebrate this special occasion. The sunny destination of sand and surf provided the perfect backdrop for exciting discussions over food, games, music, and many activities that created the right synergies.

So, as our 10-year anniversary special celebrations continue, we’ve got plenty of reasons to tell you why Hotelogix is the best PMS for you. But, for now, we’ll list out 10 reasons you must know before you make the final purchase.

Hotelogix has completed 10 years

1) Automation and only automation

Hotel management is often so complex, isn’t it? Apart from managing daily operations, it involves handling reservations from multiple sources, and most importantly serving guests with high class amenities. And, after serving this industry for 10 years, we know how automation can drive away your stress in a jiffy. With smart technology on the cloud, you can easily automate your hotel’s operations through our hotel management system.

We offer next-gen capabilities needed to simplify reservations, improve your operational efficiency, and maximize revenue. Our property management system is built to help you succeed as you can reduce dependency on manpower, totally eliminate manual errors and save time for your staff.

2) Trend Spotting

During last 10 years, we have become the preferred technology partner for 1500 plus hotels across the globe. We invest our time to understand various pain points related to hotel operations with a focus on offering world-class technology. Our expert team members have been quick to note the latest trends – the growing use of smartphones and the increasing number of in-app hotel bookings. Which is why we are quick to implement new trends in our online hotel management system. Our mobile hotel app makes monitoring the functioning of your hotel so easy, on any device. So, even if you are on a vacation, all you need is your device and a stable Internet connection. It’s like having a property management system in your pocket!

3) Real-time information and data

Managing piles of books or storing your data on on-premise PMS is passe. We understand the plight of maintaining room inventory with the number of reservations and cancellations that happen. The best hotel PMS will always show you updates in real-time. So, your occupancy levels, booking details will reflect automatically without the need for manual updates. When a booking or a cancellation is made on your hotel’s website, or on an OTA, it’s easy to access details within your dashboard. Room rates and package deals are easily updated in no time. A central management dashboard with a collection of all hotel data helps you source reports, analyze the hotel’s performance, and come up with forecast strategies based on data.

4) Effective management of staff and user access

There’s so much a small hotel management software can do! And, the Hotelogix PMS is all about adding more value to your hotel management tasks. Which is why, it’s so easy to manage your large teams and departments, all within a click. Our PMS helps you easily create multiple user accounts, lets you define the number of users, and also allows you to set the levels of access. What does this mean? Well, reports that include confidential information can be restricted from viewing by team members. The PMS lets you view details about the online users, define tasks, assign duties, check task completion and do much more.

5) Personalize your services

Selecting a PMS for your hotel can often be a daunting task. Which is why, we always try to put the focus on you – understand your problems and the finer nuances of hotel management. The guest profile section is aimed to bring an ease to the way your staff manages bookings. For instance, it can personalize the services – you can store guest data (ID proofs, guest preferences, requests and more). Your staff can use this data to deliver superior guest experiences, which is crucial in gaining guest loyalty. By showing how well you know your guest only speaks volumes about the extent of your guest experience management.

6) Improve your online reputation

Well, we all know the power of social media. It takes years to build a reputation but a couple of bad reviews online next to your ‘book now’ button can seriously damage your reputation. But, how do you ensure you grab the right reviews soon after the check-out happens? Our PMS integrates with TripAdvisor and RepUp to manage your online reputation. It’s easy to automate review collection, and this is indeed a powerful way to increase hotel bookings. Platforms like RepUp acts as a single layer between the hotel owner and the user-generated content. So, you can control your operations while providing the best-in class customer service that begins from the time of booking.

7) Customer excellence and support

We understand the move towards a cloud-based PMS is not an easy one for you. Many of you may follow the traditional manual entries or may opt for on-premise models. The benefits of moving to the cloud are many but technology may seem a little intimidating for some. We understand that. While our focus is to help you deliver excellent customer experiences, we also focus on helping you at all times. While you can contact us via our social media pages, you can also contact our support team for 24/7 support. We work round the clock to make this transition to technology a smooth one. We are always here for your queries with instant solutions.

8) 3rd Party Integrations

Hotelogix extends its functionality with its wide array of interfaces and third-party product integrations. Over the last 10 years, we’ve offered a seamlessly integrated best in-class system. This ensures you can work on your hotel management without worrying about technical functionalities. Our third-party integrations ensure you have the Channel Manager connect, reputation and revenue management tools, business analytics reports, accounting software, Global Distribution System connect, payment gateways and much more. It’s convenience on the cloud.

9) Ability to constantly innovate

We have indeed come a long way! It’s about constantly striving to provide the best solutions for every type of hotel owner. It’s about forging new relations with technology partners that will help to enhance our product value to bring you a solution that is in step with the latest tech innovations. Hotelogix is about thinking ahead, while keeping an eye on customer requirements.

10) Complete Flexibility

We understand your inhibitions about making the move to a cloud-based property management system. But, be rest assured we offer complete flexibility. We know that you would want complete flexibility to make the purchase. Our plans come as a monthly pay-as-you-go model. That’s what makes Hotelogix hotel management system a great investment for your property. You only pay for what you use!

It’s been a pleasure to serve hoteliers for 10 years indeed. As we continue to innovate, you might want to quickly check out the Hotelogix hotel management software demo here.

Hotelogix has completed 10 years