10 free things hotels provide complimentary amenities complimentary items

10 Complimentary Things Your Hotel Can Offer


Hotel Complimentary Amenities

Few months ago, I checked into a hotel only to realize that I had forgotten my toiletries at home. I went frantically searching for a drug-store but all the drug-stores had shut. Disappointed, I returned to my hotel only to find out that the hotel staff had kept a kit of toiletries in my room ! I really loved their gesture. 

Who doesn’t like toiletries – that too for free? Your guests feel good when they see a kit of toiletries and other freebies in their room. So here are a handful of things that you can offer to your guests to make their stay memorable.

Hotel Complimentary Amenities

By offering these amenities you can surely find a place in your guests’ hearts. They are bound to appreciate your gesture and recommend it to their community members. Do a little extra and different for your guests today. Maybe this can work as a key to get more customers.

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