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How will your independent hotel maximize its bookings with Facebook?


Maximize hotel bookings with Facebook

We have all heard how social media marketing is an imperative marketing tool for the hospitality industry. Now more than ever, hotels need to ensure that they are using social media to promote their property. For instance, Facebook can help independent hotels boost their bookings without burning a hole in their pockets. If used well, the ROI in having a Facebook page is worth it since the costs are minimal and returns are high.

Why is Facebook effective?

• Digital Visitor found that more than half of the Travel brands increased their bookings because of their presence on Facebook or other social media sites
• More than 90% of the population who is younger than 34 use feedback from Facebook before making a booking
• 80% of travelers are more likely to make a booking if a friend likes a page rather than seeing a regular advertisement.

How can Hoteliers use Facebook to maximize bookings?

Create the Right Content:

Hotels should create impactful content about the property as well as the destination. This information can be shared across other social media channels thus creating more visibility for the property. Content must include videos as well as pictures because they tend to generate maximum views for a page. It should also talk about about the about the destination, like local sights, cuisines, popular tourist hubs, seasonal condition, apart from the property.

Encourage Reviews:

Hotels should encourage their guests to post reviews and experiences on their Facebook page, and hotels can engage the guests by responding to them. Even poor reviews can work in favor of the hotel if they respond to it and acknowledge the issues faced by the guest. Nowadays guests read a lot of feedback and reviews before they finalize a hotel, so the more information available, the better it is to get more bookings.

Maximize hotel bookings with Facebook

Booking via Facebook:

Hotels can integrate a ‘book now’ button on their Facebook page. This enables a guest to directly book on the hotel’s website via the Facebook page, helping in cutting down booking time and hassle.

Collect Email addresses:

Using an email sign up tab, hotels can expand on their database and send personalized emails, newsletters and offers to potential guests thereby engaging with the guests.

Create events or contests on The Facebook Page:

Create content which entices a guest to keep coming back to the Facebook page. Create competitions like the 1000th guest gets complimentary breakfast upon booking, or exclusive offers for those who book via Facebook. Create hotel events like a food festival at the signature restaurant or provide spa offers for the guest. Regular content updates about such events help increase bookings.

Advertise on Facebook:

Advertising on Facebook is not very expensive and hotels can create the ads based on their budget and target audience. This shall help the hotel to advertise their offers or hotels to the right crowd at the price convenient for them.

Maximize hotel bookings with Facebook