Top 5 Benefits of Remote Access


When you’re away from work, it can be nice to be away from work. But in certain situations, it certainly would make your life easier if you didn’t have to commute all the way back to the property to deal with an issue that arises. Cloud property management systems have hundreds of benefits over their predecessor legacy systems, and having remote access is just one. Imagine the flexibility that could be injected in to the hectic life of a hotelier.

With remote technology, you will be able to:

  1. Troubleshoot. Because anyone who is given the login credentials can access the PMS, a representative can troubleshoot and resolve any problems that are happening. There is no need to wait for a representative to be sent out to the location, and the problem can be resolved in real time.
  2. Keep multiple locations consistent. You will never have to worry about transferring information from one property to another because, with a cloud system, they can all be connected. Everyone will be on the same page, allowing the expectations to be the same at every property.
  3. Securely access information. The cloud system is extremely secure. Sensitive data and guest information are secure on the cloud. Without paper printouts that can be misplaced or copied, accessing the information remotely though the cloud is a safe way to get information when you are away from the property.
  4. Deal with emergencies. There are some jobs that need the attention of the property manager. No matter where the manager is, he or she can access the PMS and resolve the situation from home or on the other side of the world.
  5. Use any device. Most cloud PMS are compatible with multiple devices. Employees can access the cloud from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Having the ability to remotely access important information on the cloud can be vital in certain situations. Having the option will take a stressful weight off of the shoulders of property managers and let them sleep more soundly … unless they are woken up to deal with an issue.