Top 5 Benefits of Hotelogix multi-property management system for hotel groups

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi
Top 5 Benefits of Hotelogix multi-property management system for hotel groups

Technology is the most critical aspect of automating hotel processes – both at groups and standalone brands. Incorporating the right solution can lead to cost savings, performance improvement, and better guest service. This blog will explore the top five benefits that hotel groups have experienced with Hotelogix’s multi-property management system. Before delving further, you may wonder what a multi-property management system is. Simply put, it is a hotel PMS system designed for hotel groups that can manage multiple properties. Let’s explore the top 5 benefits hotel groups have witnessed with our all-in-one cloud-based multi-property management system – a first in the industry.

#1: Centralised control

Central control is crucial for hotel groups because it ensures consistency across all properties. It helps them manage all the properties from a central location which is a convenient way of handling operations. Be it accessing the central guest history or group-wide business-critical reports, reservations or rates – our multi-property management system helps with everything. This results in better profitability and a more competitive edge in the industry. 

Here is an example of what we just said above. Paradise & Wilderness Group operates 21 properties across Tanzania and Zanzibar. They used a locally sourced solution that didn’t allow the management to gain centralised control over all the properties. 

“Without the right tech, we were unable to gain centralised control over our group business. Our earlier solution did not have any multi-property features. We couldn’t manage all 21 properties centrally. As we embarked on rapid growth, we realised that only a cloud-based, all-in-one solution could help us. After carefully evaluating a few options, we adopted Hotelogix’s multi-property management system,” said Niels van Capel, Financial Controller at Paradise & Wilderness Group

#2: Increased sales and revenue

Selling more rooms and other non-room items is critical to increasing overall revenue. And offering various deals becomes imperative when a group hospitality brand like Waxpol Hotels and Resort wants to achieve the same across all its properties located in wildlife destinations. 

Hotelogix has enabled the group to configure and promote multiple packages/deals, leading to more sales and a subsequent 2X spike in its revenue. 

See what Akanksha Garg, Director & CEO of Waxpol Hotels and Resorts Ltd, says: “Hotelogix enables us to tailor a variety of deals just for business travellers. These bundles are so attractive that they even help travel agencies gain new clients. As a result, our company’s income has increased by more than double since 2019.”

#3: Time-saving

Automation through technology can improve operational efficiency and save time, which is crucial for hotels. Consider this – how would you efficiently update all the connected OTAs with the correct rates and availability? Manually doing so is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to missed business opportunities.

In this context, we have been assisting hotel groups by integrating our multi-property management system with their preferred Channel Manager solution. This integration automatically ensures their rates and availability are updated in real-time across all connected OTAs. It is a great way to improve hotel rankings and positions on OTAs while eliminating the menace of overbooking. 

Here is what Teddy R. Tenerife, IT Manager at Philippines-based Millennial Resorts, says: “The Hotel PMS and channel manager integration ensures the real-time update of rates and availability across all the OTAs. Due to this automation, we are saving 90% of the time handling OTA bookings. Plus, there are no more double bookings and overbookings to deal with.”

#4: Rapid expansion

With careful planning and execution, adding new properties can be a smart and strategic move for any hotel group. While selecting the right location and curating the offerings for a newly added property is crucial, it is equally important to consider the go-to-market timeline. Our point is clear – to start selling immediately, they must add and go live with the new property. And this is where we come in to help them. 

Our multi-property system is on the cloud, making it very easy for us to finish the implementation process remotely. We conduct all our services remotely, including data migration, system implementation, and staff training. We ensure our clients experience a faster and smoother onboarding process for new properties.

See what Deepika Arora, Founder, Rosakue, says about her experience with us: “With Hotelogix, it has been a breeze for us to plug in and integrate a new property as part of our corporate operations. We are able to go live with a new property within three days.”

#5: Centralised group-wide reports

Centralised reports are essential for hotel groups, as they provide a comprehensive overview of key metrics and data points. Having all relevant information in one place allows decision-makers to easily track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. 

For this, it is necessary to adopt a multi-property management system at your group. Our report scheduler feature can automatically send pre-selected reports to the appropriate recipients. 

Here is how we helped Thailand’s Kokotel Hotels with efficient reporting capabilities. The staff was struggling to manage information coming from various disparate systems. They were facing major issues concerning data consolidation and the real-time flow of information. However, Hotelogix has ensured seamless data flow for real-time data-backed decision-making. 

This is what Mr. Rei, CEO of Kokotel Hotel, says about us: “Hotelogix has contributed enormously in supporting real-time data flow and seamless connectivity for the Kokotel chain of hotels.”

More than 250 hotel groups have seen numerous other business benefits, such as accessing centralised guest data to understand preferences and managing reservations across member properties centrally. We have also assisted them in reducing software ownership costs while leveraging cloud technology. Additionally, our Hotel PMS System [Multi-property Management System] can integrate with various best-in-class third-party solutions so that they can work with their preferred technology partner. In summary, we help them drive growth and revenue while staying ahead of the competition.