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Top 10 Reasons to Join the PMS Movement

Debiprasad Sarangi
Debiprasad Sarangi

Top 10 Reasons to Join the PMS MovementIt is no hidden fact that some of the best managed hotels seek a little boost from a property management system (PMS). There is no shame in getting a helping hand from technology; software is here to make our lives easier. In a highly competitive industry, technology goes a long way to refine and redefine your business. Many hoteliers have hopped on board with a PMS and there is certainly- no looking back. The easy-to-use software has made property management easier and improved the overall quality of their properties as well.

A quality property management system can help your property in numerous ways:

1. Save on IT costs with cloud software

If your PMS runs on cloud, then all you need is a computer and Internet connection – which you most likely already have installed. No need for complicated IT hardware and no need to hire extra employees to manage it.

2. Save on manpower costs

With no more manual entry and streamlined tasks, employees will have time to complete more tasks in smaller time frames.

3. Fill rooms faster

Connect with global distribution systems and social media to get rooms filled quickly and effectively.

4. Streamline the check-in and check-out process

Notify housekeeping when a guest checks out and limit the amount of paperwork to fill out at the front desk so guests can relax.

5. Secure place to store important information

Information is automatically backed up so if the unforeseen happens, you will not lose all your valuable data.

6. Track room availability

Quickly see which rooms have been booked, which ones have been cleaned and which ones are open for last-minute guests.

7. Remember guest preferences

The system will remember what preferences guests have previously requested, like extra pillows or a courtyard view, for exceptional customer service.

8. Manage rates

No need to match numbers in Excel sheets, the system will manage rates for you.

9. Build and retrieve financial reports

With all the data in one platform, you can easily access and compare reports to hand off to the accounting team.

10. Access information from any location

With cloud software, hoteliers can check on reports or access information from the comfort of their homes or across the country as well.

If your property is in need of some organization or you simply want to ensure that things continue to run smoothly, consider investing in a PMS. You and your guests will love the results!

If you are looking for ways to redefine your hospitality business, PMS leads the path. This quality software is a tool when used to its strength; visionary when introduced to spruce up your business and properties to achieve more. Hotelogix’s PMS gives you more than 10 reasons to stand by ‘PMS’ as your one-stop solution in property and business management. Try out our zero sign-up or trial package and find out how to transform your business without breaking a sweat!