The Importance Of Updating Your Hotel Technology

Prabhash Bhatnagar
Prabhash Bhatnagar

benefits of technology in hospitality industry

Technology over the years have become a part of our day to day lives. From switching on our bedroom lights to driving our car, technology has got our backs. However, its superpowers are not on only limited to individuals, it is also transforming the way businesses operate.

Hospitality (especially, hotel industry) is one such industry that is also witnessing this transformation. The rise and constant growth of technology or the benefits of technology in hotel industry has guided a huge increase in the expectations of the end consumer too.

How Technology Is Filling The Voids In The Hospitality Industry

Advancement and use of technology in hospitality industry has increased the reach of hoteliers and also benefited them in various ways. The hoteliers now feel more connected to their staff across all departments as they can access the hotel management system whenever they want and from wherever they want on their phone, tablet or computer/laptop.

When we look closely, we get to know how the expectations of customers are reaching an all-time high. They are aiming for a great experience when they book a hotel, and this might look like a challenge for many!
However, if hoteliers make use of technology and sync it with their hotel operations, things will be sorted. The hoteliers or people working in the hospitality industry can make use of smart technology in hotels or solutions that arm them and power them with an efficient, unique, and personalised customer service, which can further help in attracting and retaining hotel guests and increasing revenues.

Many existing Hotels in the hospitality industry have understood the advantages of technology in hospitality industry and have already included automated hotel management system which gives them a chance to make most of their staff, their products and services to increase their operations and improve the overall experience of hotel guests.

For example, a hotel using traditional PMS lacks behind by a huge margin than hotels using smart technology in hotels such as cloud-based PMS that automates their entire hotel operations.

How Day To Day Hotel Operations Can Be Streamlined

Technology revolution in a hotel starts from the booking of its rooms and changing the way and smoothing the front desk operations. Technology makes room services and billing seamless. No doubt when the hotel management system is automated, the technology deployed plays an important role to provide a seamless and positive customer service and experience.

When hoteliers include the everyday-improving technology and smart technology in hotel operations, it helps in the successful conversion of inefficient, independent and disconnected processes to workflows which are totally advanced, automated, simplified and integrated. Making use of automation tech increases the productivity of the hotel and its staff as it helps them to streamline their everyday repetitive tasks thereby enhancing and smoothing their overall trustworthiness, reliability and quality. Use of technology in hospitality industry offers an overall effective and smooth stay experience for the hotel guests.

Currently the preference of using smart technology in hotels over human interaction for simple tasks has increased. By making use of smart devices like smartphones and tablets, it has greatly increased the involvement of hotel guests as they have become more self-reliant. By quoting this we mean that the guests are now considering and preferring the use of automated check-in at hotels over waiting in the queue for check-in by the hotel front desk executives as it is much swifter and more convenient.

This move by the hotel guests has been considered a good reason for the hotels to make a move towards making investment in deploying necessary technology like hotel operations software that enables the guests to remotely check-in and check-out of the hotel as and when they wish to. The technologically advanced and automated hotel front desk system & online hotel booking management can be regarded as some great features of automation which offer the hotel guests the convenience of booking room at the property as per their comfort and convenience. This point throws light on the fact that use of technology in the hospitality industry totally eliminates the requirement of any kind of human interference that would lead to error in hotel room bookings and cancelations by guests which thus can be carried on at any point of time.

Ways How Robotics Benefit Hotels

Another great feature of automation and use of technology in hotel is Robotics. Robotics as a feature of technology advancement is getting used in the hospitality industry increasingly. Robotics can be made use of in the hotel concierge services or the hotel’s housekeeping services. Hospitality industry with open arms has welcomed the use of robots in carrying out the otherwise monotonous tasks of the hotel with great productivity. Looking at the in-room automation system we see that it is getting powered with the occupancy sensors which are capable of detecting as soon as the guests enter the room. The movement of guests in the room activates the room lights and also initiates the temperature control of the room or the air conditioning.

This would mean that hotels which have not opted for this kind of automation would require the lights and temperature to be controlled by the guests only after they insert their room key in a reader that is found near the main entrance of the room. Technology & Automation also help the hoteliers to optimise the efficiency of their hotel staff, to reduce their overall costs, to multitask, to efficiently interact with the guests and further increase the revenue, profitability and ROI across all the departments of their hotel.


We cannot deny the fact that the speed at which technology is progressing and advancing is really high and moving at skyrocketing speed. But it also cannot be denied that this rise in technology, use of technology and benefits of technology in hospitality industry also opens up a huge earning opportunity, high revenue earning opportunities and also more positive experiences of the hotel guests. We can proudly say this use of technology in the hotel industry is definitely a winner over manual or on-premise systems. The advantages of technology in the hospitality industry is ever increasing and if you are not making use of automation in your property then you are definitely not advancing in the correct way!

benefits of technology in hospitality industry